Tips to Help You Find Your Inner Inventor

Find Your Inner Inventor

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” –Albert Einstein

I’m an engineer and an inventor. Sometimes I make something out of nothing; other times I make something better.

I am one of the people behind one of the newest exhibits in Milwaukee’s Discovery World, the Rockwell Automation Music Factory.

It’s the first in a series of upgrades to our longstanding Dream Machine exhibit, and (hopefully) it inspires kids to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

I believe we can all be innovators in our fields. And most importantly: have fun doing it.

Realize Your Inner Inventor

When we’re young, we easily create. We feel few barriers (including the limits of time and budget.) Somewhere, somehow, we lose some of that freedom.

I want us to keep that sense of adventure, creativity and "anything is possible."

The Music Factory at Discovery World.

Fundamentals of Invention

Do you have a great idea, yet something is holding you back from exploring the possibilities?

Inventors are not just launching a brand new thing. Some are making elegant and incremental changes to improve an existing product, system or experience.

So if you’re new to innovation, there are some things you can do to explore the possibilities and inspire yourself and others about your idea. (These steps apply to any idea – and we’ve lived these in industrial automation.)

  • Talk to people. Don’t worry that someone will "steal" your idea. The goal is to make what you’re doing better.  And to find out if something similar is already in development.
  • Make mistakes. We all make them (and most would say our failures are our biggest opportunity for learning). Don’t give up. Use the experience to do better next time.
  • Being creative does not mean being sloppy. Document your steps, what’s working and what’s not. A lot of thought goes into successful innovation.
  • Write down your goal. Are you trying to make something faster, better, more useful and more valued?

Meant to Invent

Here’s a way to get some practice: We’re recognizing inventors through a #MeantToInvent competition.

The details are here. The highlights:

  • Invent something using a list of materials
  • Upload a video of your creation
  • Check back every week to see if you won a prize
Justin Orofino
Posted August 3, 2017 By Justin Orofino, Senior Commercial Engineer, Rockwell Automation
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