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Hour of Code: It’s for Everyone. Join Us

Self-checkouts. Face recognition to unlock your phone. Voice activated home controls. While so many of us use this technology, few people understand how it works, or are the innovators behind it.

Computer science makes our lives easier and more productive, but we struggle with making it fun to learn – and getting students excited about the potential as a career.

Most schools lack formal computer science programs, so even students who show an interest might not have access. 

We want to help change this and get kids ready to learn computer science.

This week our employees will support the Hour of Code, a grassroots movement to encourage 100 million students around the world to try one hour of computer science.

For example, employees such as Christian Vazquez, a mechanical engineer and usability and experience designer, volunteers because he wants to help children understand and create technology.

It’s so important to teach them how to code because programming is the future, everything we touch from here on out is going to have a programming component to it, so we should be preparing them for what’s to come. - Christian Vazquez, Rockwell Automation

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What You Can Do

Participate. Even seasoned engineers will be surprised to see how a course like Intro to Computer Science is taught today.

If you’re apprehensive because you’re not an expert in computer science, don’t let that stop you.

Try the tutorial. It’s easy (students as young as eight years old can walk through it) and it’s designed for people who don’t have a background in computer science (like me).

If you’re inspired, spread the word, or better yet volunteer in a classroom to help students do an hour of code – and help them learn how to use their imagination and creativity to innovate.

Together, we can bring opportunities to students worldwide. Take the first step. Try an Hour of Code. Anybody can learn.

Jilly Gokalgandhi
Posted December 3, 2017 By Jilly Gokalgandhi, Coordinator, Global Community Relations and Contributions, Rockwell Automation
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