Artificial Lift Systems

Gas Lift, Wellhead, Submersible and Rod Pump Control

Our OptiLift™ artificial lift systems provide end-to-end smart field solutions to oil and gas operators. We provide a comprehensive range of integrated information, control, power and safety solutions, and services. When combined with our digital oilfield solutions, you have access to the most advanced wireless communication solutions. Oilfield optimization can lead to significant savings through aggregation of data collected from wellheads, pipelines, remote tank level monitoring, and artificial lift monitoring and analysis systems.

Transform Your Operation

We have created the digital oilfield with our extensive application knowledge that includes wireless telemetry, hardware, software, and sensors. You now have the ability to integrate your solutions seamlessly. The wireless solutions provide common engineering, deployment, and integration methodologies.

This technology delivers knowledge-rich information across the enterprise. With a range of wellhead applications, we can fit your individual needs.

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Intelligent Net Oil Computer

OptiLift iNOC

The OptiLift Intelligent Net Oil Computer (iNOC) is an engineered solution that offers remote connectivity, enhanced visualization, optimized test capacity, and improved test duration. The iNOC system is part of a fully connected oilfield. When you adopt a ConnectedProduction™ system, it helps to optimize the output in your oilfield while it maximizes your return on investment.

The iNOC system improves well test duration with oil and water volume prediction for 24 hours during any test period. It installs in the “liquid leg” of a two-phase test separator and can support tests on up to seven wells.

Virtual Flowmeter

OptiLift VFM

Our OptiLift Virtual Flowmeter (VFM) is an engineered solution that is designed to optimize production and reduce costs in your oilfield. Engineers are able to know the pressure, temperature, and flow rates of your oilfields in real-time, which allows them to adapt quickly to uncertain situations.

You can manage production, allocation, and problem solving more efficiently with the addition of a virtual flowmeter to your physical wells. Our solution integrates with any existing system, which makes it easy to install, configure, and maintain.

Rod Pump Controller

OptiLift RPC

The OptiLift rod pump controller (RPC) system is engineered to help maximize return on investment, achieve sustainable operations and operational excellence. This on-site controller can help to provide accurate and flexible control necessary for well production optimization.

This sophisticated control technology can also be packaged with an Allen-Bradley® variable frequency drive (VFD) to create an integrated solution that is ideal for speed control in rod pump applications.

Well Manager

Automated Well Pad Solution

Our Well Manager is a pre-engineered solution that integrates all your artificial lift operations. It can support small or large multi-pad well sites with real-time data from across your oilfield. You can configure up to 32 artificial lift operations including rod pump controllers, gas lifts, ESP, PCP, plunger lifts, and natural flow. This solution is customizable with your current system architecture. The Well Manager solution optimizes production of multi-well pads with pre-programmed artificial lift operations, custody transfer-flow data, site-wide HMI, and custom integration capabilities.

Plunger Lift

OptiLift PL

Our OptiLift Plunger Lift (PL) is a pre-engineered solution to optimize your well production in remote single-well sites. It facilitates fluid removal and stabilization, which allows more efficient gas production. One controller allows you to manage lift control, flow measurement, and communication protocols. You can use real-time data to optimize speed and cycle counts based on input parameters and controller logic that is specific to your site.

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