Onshore Exploration and Production

Solutions to Optimize the Digital Oilfield

Market pressures are driving operators to use existing and emerging technologies to improve operational excellence. These improvements are found in intelligent sensors and equipment and in the use of remote monitoring and analytics. With our onshore production solutions, we can help your journey toward the full digitization of your field and the many benefits it provides.

Efficient, Smart, and Safe Operations

Collect, Aggregate, Analyze, and Visualize for a More Efficient Operation

You are constantly faced with the challenge to keep your operations running. Simultaneously, you must reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. We have decades of experience providing solutions globally to the oil and gas industry. Our proven control and RTU technology supports one of the largest installed bases in the market. Our solutions use the latest technologies including Cloud and process virtualization.

Our global team of industry specialists is dedicated to help you achieve standardized system design to maximize reservoir recovery. Our experience includes:

ConnectedProduction™ Enables Digital Transformation in the Oilfield

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Digital Oilfield Solutions

Ease of Integration and Scalability to Transform Your Operation

Visualize and control production from the wellhead to the point of custody transfer, either onsite or from miles away. Our ConnectedProduction™ solution provides fully integrated, scalable control that makes the power of information readily available. It helps to maximize the recovery of existing reserves, optimize production, and reduce downtime.

Digital Oilfield Solutions

ConnectedProduction solutions use our comprehensive integrated information, process control, motor control, and safety portfolio. These solutions feature specific digital oilfield technologies to enable improvements in the way you operate your fields.

Some of the areas that are covered by our ConnectedProduction solutions include:

Integrated Control and Measurement Solution

Simplify Automation of Your Multi-well Pads with a Single Controller

Your multi-well pads likely have several RTUs and many types of hardware that create integration, networking, and security challenges. A modular and scalable, single-control platform links everything together. That way you only have to manage one system for oil and gas measurement and control.

You want to minimize the need for multiple RTUs that support multiple well pads. When you have many different systems, brands, and vendors, it can complicate your operations. Add in another layer of complication if you run on legacy systems. One platform can offer a modular and scalable design to allow you to continue to add well pads without additional RTUs. This architecture allows for improved adaptability, enhanced data integrity, and reduced installation time and cost. In other words, you work smarter and more efficiently.

Products and Capabilities

Solutions to Help You Achieve Your Operational Excellence Goals

Our portfolio of products and services provides you with solutions that range from simple controls to fully integrated systems. It provides automation, motor control, process safety, and visualization. By using disruptive technologies, we are able to offer a fully digitized oilfield experience. Our solutions help you obtain actionable data accessible from various devices. This technology drives safer and more efficient operations with secure remote access.

How May We Help You?

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