Asset Monitoring and Optimization

Maintain High Asset Utilization to Drive Efficiency and Lower Costs

To achieve operational excellence and maximum performance from your assets demands full production integration across the entire supply chain. Oil and gas monitoring systems provide data that informs the optimization of drilling, artificial lift, and other processes. Improved efficiency, reliability, and safety lead to more efficient transportation and safer processing. Facility-wide and enterprise-wide views into asset performance, unplanned shutdowns, and optimization of maintenance resources can help you increase production. Access to this data can also help keep operational costs in check. Our extensive selection of enterprise-wide software and solutions helps to drive the productivity improvements you seek.

Achieve Operational Excellence to Reduce Costs

Improved Asset Performance Can Bring the Rewards of Operational Excellence

The capital-intensive oil and gas industry is continually challenged to increase production and also control the cost of sustaining operations. Drilling automation, oilfield automation, and optimization of current assets can help reduce costs and also make your operations more efficient.

Automatic Control System for Maritime Terminal

EP Petroecuador Balao terminal decided to conduct a complete renewal and update project for their pumping station operations. The update included the development of an automatic control system to optimize management at the maritime terminal. The system monitors the process variables and the management of control valves for appropriate products to be pumped. After implementation, the port terminal reported tripled capacity for loading and unloading ships, reduced downtime and enhanced system safety and reliability.

Remote Monitoring and Analytics

When onshore oil and gas operations span great geographic distances, physical management of assets becomes costly and time-consuming. Remote monitoring and analytics allows you to gain a virtual view of your entire oilfield to better manage performance, address issues, and schedule maintenance.

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Scalable Technology and Services Options

With a variety of consulting, services and technology available, we can help you manage the unique challenges your business faces. Our services include:

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