Tier Suppliers

Rethink Production Strategies to Meet Customer Demand

Meet just-in-time supply chain requirements while satisfying stringent quality and safety requirements.

Manufacturing Flexibility and Efficiency

Addressing the Needs of Tier Suppliers

Your operations need to meet just-in-time supply chain requirements while satisfying stringent quality and safety requirements. To achieve these goals, you need flexible manufacturing that will help you, and your customer, keep pace with market demands.

The potential for liabilities associated with warranty or recall issues heightens the need for information and management solutions to gain better insight into your manufacturing operations.

We provide real-time access and extended enterprise visibility to vital manufacturing data so you can:

  • Implement business process improvements
  • Improve supply chain integration across your enterprise

Enterprise-wide Information Visibility

Real-time Automotive Production Information

To operate efficiently, you must understand what is happening in your manufacturing operations and across your supply chain.

Greater enterprise-wide information visibility can help you:

  • Manage scheduling and workload balance on flexible manufacturing lines
  • Respond to supplier disruptions or changes in customer demands
  • Incorporate changes in your manufacturing operations based on quality feedback

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AutoSuite MES

AutoSuite™ MES offers right first-time production, reduction of on-hand inventory and inventory handling costs, and supports lean and continuous improvement. Scalable applications include:

  • Production order management
  • Genealogy, track, and trace
  • Error proofing
  • Quality management

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Drive Continuous Improvement

Minimize Production Costs and Maintain Profitability

As plants drive toward 100% capacity utilization, you must protect and optimize your operations while negotiating the complexities that come with producing more vehicles in more variations, all on the same line.

The key is a devotion to continuous improvement in your people, processes, and equipment while maintaining safety across your operations.

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