Automation Solutions for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Flexible and Scalable Solutions for Electric Vehicle Production

Electric vehicle manufacturers can accelerate their production with smart, flexible operations and integrated automation solutions. We can help you start and improve your electric vehicle production to better compete in this fast-growing market, with industry know-how, technical expertise and digital technologies.

Get to Market First and at a Low Cost

Scale Your Electric Vehicle Operations Quickly with Flexible Solutions

Aggressive timelines usually mean more cost and complexity. But your electric vehicle production doesn’t have to be this way. And we can help, with:

  • Electric vehicle production experience
  • Technical expertise
  • Industry partners
  • The latest digital technologies

You can learn about how these capabilities can help you – and get in-person technology demonstrations – at our new Electric Vehicle Innovation Center in California. Whether you’re a startup electric vehicle company or mature automaker, we can help at any point in your journey.

Designing Operations: Learn about auto production best practices and get help with designing manufacturing infrastructures and building supply chains.

Digitizing Operations: Discover how connecting operations can help workers make faster and better decisions.

Optimizing Connected Operations: Identify ways you can improve efficiencies and reduce unplanned downtime with information-enabled electric vehicle production.

Smart Manufacturing Speeds Electric Vehicle Production

Smart manufacturing gives you the most from your investments today. And it continues to provide value as your operations grow and evolve. Right now, global automakers are already using smart machines, analytics, and augmented reality (AR) to gain a competitive edge.

We can help you use today’s smartest technologies to separate yourself from the pack. Some opportunities include:

  • Using analytics to turn raw data into better, faster business decisions on the plant floor and in the board room
  • Leveraging an MES to guide workers through production and drive improvements in KPIs like quality and OEE
  • Building a Connected Enterprise to share data across processes, facilities and suppliers in real time to get to market faster
  • Delivering information like machine diagnostics and work instructions in AR environments to reduce downtime
  • Using intelligent conveyance to move vehicle bodies and batteries faster, with less risk of maintenance-related downtime

Outside the plant, we can help you build a world-class supply chain. And find the machine builders and partners you need globally.

Powering High-Volume Battery Production

Ultimately, only massive factories, gigafactories will be able to produce the billions of watts of energy needed to power the world’s electric vehicles. For now, as electric vehicle production scales up, so must battery production.

We can help you design and build digitalized battery factories that deliver high volumes, at the speed and quality required. Key components of these facilities include:

  • An information strategy, designed into the factory from the start
  • Operations that run on analytics to predict outcomes and drive decisions
  • Supply chain connectivity, from mines to customer sales
  • Built-in flexibility to take advantage of new production technologies or techniques

OEM Hirata turned to our technologies to create a machine for the industry’s first mass production line for electric vehicle batteries. Standardizing on our products helped Hirata reduce its machine’s footprint by 30 percent. And with support from our local team, the company can reduce startup times by 10 percent.

Keep Your Launch on Schedule

Poor controls specifications. Technology integration challenges. A lack of training or spare parts. Issues like these can spring up during startup and delay your launch.

We can help you avoid these problems and keep your launch on track with our program management services.

Execute a Better Launch

Our qualified launch- and program-management teams aren’t just experts in our technologies. They know the relevant industry standards, and can interpret and apply them to help you:

  • Optimize controls and processes to realize cost savings
  • Monitor change orders and deviations from your specification
  • Improve communications between all parties

Avoid Cost Overruns

We can educate your machine builders on technologies and best practices. This helps ensure specification conformity and avoids additional costs. We can also monitor machine builder deliverables within your program to make sure your launch is successful.

Achieve Proper Integration

We know how to manage the technology integration that is so crucial to your electric vehicle production operations. This integration can result in:

  • Greater efficiency during startup
  • Seamless implementation of your digital strategy
  • Properly designed and tested dependencies before production

How May We Help You?

Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional industry knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.