Automotive Manufacturing Velocity

Get Vehicles to Market Faster and More Profitably

Manufacturing velocity strategies incorporate infrastructure, information visibility and workforce enablement. Respond to customer demand around the world more quickly and get to market faster without hurting the bottom line.

Bring Vehicles to Market Faster

Position Your Operations to Keep Pace with Demand

Faster launches. Frequent refreshes. Increased change options. Getting vehicles to market faster and more profitably is critical. It also requires manufacturing velocity strategies and solutions that help you:

  • Put the right infrastructure in place
  • Produce information in the right form factor, for the right people and at the right time
  • Employ a highly skilled, multi-talented workforce

Enterprise-wide Infrastructure Offers Flexibility

Streamline Multiple Control Disciplines

Our information-enabled control and information system uses EtherNet/IP so you can:

  • Move toward use of one network more easily
  • Streamline multiple disciplines and applications into one package
  • Enable secure and easy flow of production data

Explore Our Integrated Architecture Solutions

Synchronize Manufacturing Tasks

Integrate our AutoSuite™ automotive manufacturing execution system (MES) into your enterprise and plant-floor operations. This system can help you synchronize your manufacturing tasks, quality procedures, and inventory movements throughout production.

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Gain Real-time Visibility into Your Operations

To operate efficiently, you must understand what is happening in your manufacturing operations and across your supply chain. When you have real-time information visibility, it can help you:

  • Predict downtime events before they happen and intervene as needed
  • Distribute event data or other information to the appropriate personnel so they can make any necessary adjustments

FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI

Get manufacturing information when you need it, the way you want to see it, to make informed decisions. Access your data from anywhere, including mobile devices, and view web-based reports and KPI dashboards, delivered through a software portal.

FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI

Prepare Your Workforce to Maximize Productivity

Global Workforce Solutions

To remain competitive, you require a highly skilled and multi-talented workforce. Comprehensive training is critical for the increasingly complex plant-floor machines and devices that are connected to them.

We focus on creating solutions that provide foundational, intermediate and mastery-level skills to your newest employees and most skilled experts.

Keep Pace with Market Demands

Design, deploy, and optimize are the fundamental stages of an automotive manufacturing process. Each stage impacts your ability to quickly and profitably adjust manufacturing velocity and thrive in a global economy.

This whitepaper addresses the changing automotive landscape and why automakers need to gain speed in their operations to remain competitive.

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