Automotive Manufacturing Optimization

Minimize Production Costs and Maintain Profitability

Continuous improvement in your people, processes, and equipment and a focus on safety can help you gain efficiencies, improve productivity, and reduce downtime in the nonstop automotive industry.

Unlock Greater Productivity and Efficiency

Production Optimization for the Rapid-pace Automotive Plant

In the high velocity world of automotive manufacturing, seconds matter. Every minute, hundreds of vehicles are driving off of assembly lines. With fixed profits attached to every vehicle, you need to minimize manufacturing downtime and maximize productivity.

The key is devotion to continuous improvement in your people, processes, and equipment while maintaining safety across your operations.

Prepare Your Workforce to Maximize Productivity

Global Workforce Solutions

Our comprehensive training services provide your workforce with the training and tools they need to keep production running at optimal levels during vehicle changeovers and refreshes. We focus on creating solutions that provide foundational, intermediate, and mastery-level skills to your newest employees and most skilled experts.

Workforce Support and Training Services

Safety First

Take a holistic view of safety across your operations to help protect your most valuable resources, your workers, and improve plant productivity.

Address safety from a cultural, compliance, and capital standpoint, and achieve higher OEE, reduce unscheduled downtime, and injury rates.

Use our comprehensive tool to measure safety performance, and your path to safer workers and higher productivity.

Improve Asset Utilization to Minimize Downtime

Asset Management Services

Manage and maximize your facility assets with scalable asset management solutions. These solutions can help you avoid downtime, ease staffing burdens and get back online quickly with minimal impact on production.

Our strategic maintenance consultative approach enables data-driven decisions, and the implementation of solutions that extend the lifecycle of your assets.

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Lifecycle Extension and Migrations

Migrating your technology to the next level can improve machine performance. Improved diagnostics can lower mean time to repair and identify machine issues before they escalate into downtime events.

We can help you address automation obsolescence at your plant, so you can develop a strategy to mitigate and reduce your obsolescence risk.


Product Lifecycle Status Tool

Unlock Efficiency Through Optimization

This whitepaper outlines four key areas where manufacturers can gain efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce downtime. These key areas are workforce, processes, equipment, and safety.

Learn about the challenges of modern auto manufacturing plants and how you can operate more efficiently.

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