Automotive MES

Optimize Production with Automotive Manufacturing Software

Integrate your control and business systems across your automotive enterprise and turn production data into actionable information.

Improve Decision Making

Turn Production Data into Actionable Information

Machine Builders. Parts Suppliers. Manufacturers. All must work together to compete in the global automotive marketplace to be faster, better, and to produce cars at a lower total cost.

Our industrial automation, control, and software solutions span the entire automotive supply chain, delivering cost-effective, results-based automotive manufacturing solutions to help you:

  • Improve time-to-market
  • Reduce production costs
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Improve quality

With our automotive MES and manufacturing intelligence solutions, you can integrate your control and business systems across your enterprise and turn production data into actionable information.

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Accelerate Production

Enterprise-wide Information Solution

AutoSuite™ automotive manufacturing software enables you to integrate your control and business systems across your enterprise and turn production data into actionable information. This scalable MES solution, when combined with library-based content, offers personalization options that promote faster user adoption and time-to-value.

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AutoSuite MES Features

AutoSuite offers right first-time production, reduction of on-hand inventory and inventory handling costs, and supports lean and continuous improvement. Scalable applications include:

  • Production order management
  • Genealogy, track, and trace
  • Error proofing
  • Quality management

Guangzhou Automobile Group

A Customer Spotlight

GAC Group implements our FactoryTalk® ProductionCentre® MES system for plant-wide production management and manufacturing process quality control.


FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI

Get manufacturing information when you need it, the way you want to see it, to make informed decisions. Access your data from anywhere, including mobile devices, and view web-based reports and KPI dashboards, delivered through a software portal.

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FactoryTalk ProductionCentre

Integrate quality management and business analytics with paperless shop floor and repair execution. This improves operational efficiencies while ensuring regulatory compliance and the highest levels of quality.

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Put the Industrial Internet of Things to Work for You

The merging of automation and information is helping companies measure and manage productivity in new ways. Data available from the IoT in manufacturing, for example, is improving decision making and machine performance. Even better, integrated automation and information is opening the door to new productivity-enhancing innovations, including self-aware equipment and collaborative robots.

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