Vehicle Assembly Systems

Vehicle Assembly Automation for Body Shop, Paint Shop, and Final Assembly

Gain the flexibility and speed needed to produce multiple models and variations to meet changing consumer demands.

Quickly Adjust to Models and Variations

Flexibility for Quick Changeovers, New Design, and Multiple Operations

Quick reactions and changeovers. Flexible equipment tooling. Constant design refreshes. Multiple models, in multiple variations, are being produced at a single location to meet changing consumer demands. More choices and demands lead to a complex manufacturing environment with the potential for increased errors and costs.

Our control and information solutions for automotive assembly can help you reach the flexibility and speed needed to compete in the global marketplace.

Optimize Production at Every Step of Assembly

Body Shop

Our technology can help you with specific tooling needs and address critical auto body assembly concerns including:

  • Worker safety within the shop, especially around robots and material handling conveyors
  • Utility efficiency to control energy costs such as electrical, water, and pressurized air
  • High-speed control systems integration to third-party equipment

Paint Shop

Our technology can help you control process parameters and address critical paint shop concerns including:

  • Supply chain efficiency optimization
  • Improved paint technology for consistent quality
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and safety standards (personnel, solvents, and combustion)

Final Assembly

Automotive assembly operations must adopt flexible processes to accommodate multiple choices and options. Our technology can help you address flexible manufacturing concerns including:

  • Parts inventory management and sequencing
  • Quality control to better manage product requirements
  • Workload leveling for throughput efficiency

Frequent Refreshes Require Flexibility

Manufacture More Vehicles in More Variations

As vehicles become more advanced, better connected, and “smarter,” consumers want the latest features and styles. This means regular refreshes to incorporate the latest automotive safety, fuel efficiency, performance, designs, and options. Any vehicle refresh will affect the people, processes, equipment, and automation in your operations. Changes might be small, or they can require retooling, supply change revisions, station changes, and more.

Our AutoSuite™ manufacturing execution system (MES) software can coordinate manufacturing tasks and provide real-time operations intelligence. The software allows you to better manage the complexities of producing multiple vehicles. These systems can help you optimize quality-control processes, better manage component tracking and material flow, and improve performance management.

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Drive Continuous Improvement

Minimize Production Costs and Maintain Profitability

As plants drive toward 100% capacity utilization, you must protect and optimize your operations while negotiating the complexities that come with producing more vehicles in more variations, all on the same line.

The key is a devotion to continuous improvement in your people, processes, and equipment while maintaining safety across your operations.

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