Automotive Manufacturing

Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems for the Auto Industry

Solutions for the Global Auto Production Industry

The automotive industry continues to evolve at an incredible pace. However, your goal essentially remains the same: to operate more efficiently and get products to market faster.

Our automotive manufacturing expertise, strategic relationships, and automation and control solutions span the entire automotive supply chain. We can help you achieve your goal with our:

  • Global program launch experience and expertise that includes: global specification design development, integration of IT and manufacturing systems, workforce training, local support, and machine builder coordination
  • In-depth knowledge of automotive manufacturing operations and process optimization

We deliver comprehensive enterprise-wide solutions and services to help automotive manufacturers and their tier suppliers:

  • Safely implement business process improvements
  • Increase manufacturing flexibility
  • Increase access to real-time production information
  • Improve supply chain integration across the enterprise

Working Across All Stages of Production

New Approaches for the Global Auto Industry

Automotive manufacturers today produce multiple vehicles, in multiple variations, at one location. Delivering this flexible manufacturing capability while reducing downtime and maximizing output is a critical challenge.

Our automation solutions span your entire supply chain, so you can improve quality, reduce costs, increase responsiveness, and ultimately improve time-to-market.

Safety First

Production speed, global outsourcing, warranty, and recall issues underscore the need to maintain a comprehensive quality and regulatory compliance management program.

Our holistic approach to safety provides innovative safety solutions to improve the functional operation of machinery or equipment. These solutions help to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity, and reduce waste.

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In-depth knowledge of automotive manufacturing operations and process optimization.


We are an established leader within the automotive industry, delivering comprehensive enterprise-wide solutions and services to automotive manufacturers and their tier suppliers.

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Real-Time Decisions to Drive Productivity

Put the Industrial Internet of Things to Work for You

The merging of automation and information is helping companies measure and manage productivity in new ways. Data available from the IoT in manufacturing, for example, is improving decision making and machine performance. Even better, integrated automation and information is opening the door to new productivity-enhancing innovations, including self-aware equipment and collaborative robots.

How May We Help You?

Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional industry knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.