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Hear real-world examples of how other leading water professionals have increased their productivity and improved efficiencies in their operation.

Wednesday, November 20: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Water/Wastewater Forum Overview


Design, Operate and Modernize a Smart Secure Water Plant

Is your water operation evolving along with the changing global standards and meeting the expectations of consumer awareness? Besides delivering reliable, safe and affordable access to water, utilities like yours are being tasked by consumers and stakeholders to build smarter, more sustainable and secure infrastructures.

Join other water professionals to discuss the latest industry trends, requirements, and technical advancements and ways you can modernize your operation into more smart and secure water plant.  


The Water Wastewater Forum will feature the following presentations from experts at these leading companies.

Smart Water Management & Business Intelligence Applications

Christopher Sosnowski, Founder/President, Concentric Integration

Recent improvements in water and power metering, advanced PLC programming, high bandwidth/resolution remote site data capture, SaaS solutions, virtualization, data portals, and smart city modeling, all help to make it easier to collect, visualize, and improve the level of environmental stewardship in a public water utilities.  This presentation will review the recent successes with public water utilities in implementing comprehensive smart water business intelligence integrated solutions. 

City of Ft Myers, FL Process Control System Upgrade

Nick Scoffins, Vice President, Commerce Controls

The City of Fort Myers Wastewater Treatment Division consists of 2 regional Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The Central AWWT Facility is located at 1501 Raleigh St. and is designed to treat 11 million gallons of wastewater per day. The South AWWT Facility, located at 1618 Matthew Drive, is designed to treat 12 million gallons per day. These waste water treatment plants treat wastewater from all of the City of Fort Myers and much of Lee County. The City is in the process of completely upgrading the process control system for the plant. This presentation will review how the system integrator not only integrated the process control system but also the Intellicenter Motor Control Centers.

Cybersecurity Guide for the Water Industry

Kevin Morley, AWWA and Dan Groves, Wes Yost Associates

With the increasing trend of cyber-attacks on utilities and the rise of ransomware, the industry must adapt quickly to these new challenges. The first portion of this session will highlight the updates to the AWWA Cybersecurity Guidance and Use-case Tool. There are an increasing number of standards, frameworks and methodologies to support water utilities achieve compliance with new AWIA2018 regulations. The second portion of this session will discuss how to integrate these to achieve the best outcomes.

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