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Hear real-world examples of how other leading oil and gas professionals have increased their productivity and improved efficiencies in their operation.

Thursday, November 21: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Oil and Gas Forum Overview


Smarter Operations across the Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Is your oil and gas company striving for smarter, more efficient operations throughout your supply chain? You’re not alone.

With the price of oil still fluctuating, greater adoption of automation and information technology and associated services help companies achieve operational excellence goals.

Don’t miss the Oil and Gas Forum - we will feature petroleum companies utilizing advanced automation and information technology to meet operational challenges while maintaining focus on improving production efficiencies.


The Oil and Gas Forum will feature the following presentations from experts from these leading companies.

Sensia: Offering a Unique Solution in the Oil and Gas Industry

Andrea Monte, Vice President, Operations, Sensia

The oil and gas industry continues to be dynamic. Pressure on profit margins, market consolidation and a need to expand capacity while minimizing capital investment are all on the minds of senior leaders. However, certain things remain constant: companies want to improve safety and operational productivity while reducing risk. Early in 2019, Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger announced a joint venture: Sensia, the leader in digitally-enabled oil and gas integrated solutions. This presentation will look at the drivers behind the decision to create a whole new company whose mission it is to respond to every challenge with exactly what’s needed to solve customers’ problems.

Safe, Efficient Operations through Automation Standardization

Alan Bryant, Sr. Advisor, Oil & Gas Central Automation Team, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

For Occidental Petroleum, automation systems are mission critical in controlling oil and gas production in an efficient manner while helping to ensure safe operations. This presentation will discuss the benefits of standardization using the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix platform in the areas of scalable system design, code library management, and end user training.  Other topics will include lessons learned in SCADA integration.

Control, Electrical and Software Integration Drives Consistency

Mark Claassen, Automation Manager, Elevation Midstream

James Thye, Automation Supervisor, Prime Controls

The speed of construction for oil gathering and processing facilities continues to place demands on producers and midstream companies. Automation and electrical systems can help, but they must meet diverse safety, operational and capital expectations; a highly-integrated, scalable and flexible solution is preferred.  After taking a holistic approach, Elevation Midstream began using the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx DCS. They are benefitting from premier integration of control hardware, electrical systems, and software as well as standard libraries.  What was the guiding principle behind this approach?  Maintaining consistency and ease of use for operations.  This presentation will share how a comprehensive, well-planned solution drives execution, sustainability and delivers the foundation for long-term operability, future data management and analytics.

If Data is the New Oil – Let’s Make Gasoline!

Alex West, Principal Analyst, Smart Manufacturing & Industrial Communications, IHS Markit

Digital transformation is a hot topic around many sectors from retail to refineries. However, there’s also uncertainty as to what it is and how companies can apply this to benefit their business. This presentation will provide insights to help energy companies on their “Digital journey”. It will look at where benefits have been realised in the industry, how developed the oil and gas industry is in rolling out IIoT projects, and how it compares to other sectors. It will also look at challenges faced by those deploying, the lessons they’ve learnt and provide “best practice” suggestions learnt from those already deploying.

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