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Join us at Automation Fair 2019 for the OEM Forum

Hear real-world examples of how other leading OEM professionals have increased their productivity and improved efficiencies in their operation.

Thursday, November 21: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

OEM Forum Overview


Workforce Enablement and the New Age of OEM Value

Today's industry is changing rapidly - from a shortage of skilled workers and the high turnover rates to advancements in connectivity and IoT. Innovation is driving us to replace experience and institutional knowledge with intuitive technology and support. Are you ready to reinvent your OEM operation? 

Join us for a panel discussion centered around how machine and equipment builders are rethinking design, machine intelligence and services to address this need, creating new revenue streams as a result.


The OEM Forum panel discussion will feature experts from these leading companies.

ARC Advisory Group

Craig Resnick, Vice President, Consulting, ARC - Moderator

Are you embracing a smart and connected future? Digital transformation is driving change at an unprecedented rate, opening new opportunities for companies to grow and create value. Join us as we dive into automation, AR/VR, IoT, AI and big data analytics – all which offer big promise for productivity, efficiency and workforce enablement.


Mingze (Daniel) Gao, Managing Director/Founder, 3V

Known for their industry leading battery cooling and fin mill machines, 3V Automation is doing more for their automotive Tier 1 customers than providing fast, flexible solutions. With the introduction of advanced IIoT to their offer, they’ve created a new ecosystem of connected machines and analytics to remotely support global customer workforces, while growing their digital service business model.

DT Engineering

Jim Sheldon, CEO, DT Engineering

DT Engineering is an industrial automation developer and system integrator, providing optimized solutions for its Fortune 500 customer base. The company partners at the highest levels with its customers to bring them productivity through flexibility and advanced technologies like independent cart.

FOCKE Packaging Solutions GmbH

Heino Fecht, Group Leader EKB Electrical Design, FOCKE Packaging Solutions

Waiting for customers to ask for the latest technology? Not at FOCKE PS. They lead with innovative solutions and equipment built for the future, because they’re passionate about what’s possible. Hear about their new, modular packaging offer that makes training and operation easier for customers, while providing engineering time savings for their own workforce.


Kraft Heinz

Manochehr Sadri, Associate Director, Engineering, Kraft Heinz

Bringing an end user perspective to our discussion is Kraft Heinz, the fifth largest food and beverage company in the world, with 80 manufacturing locations across 20 countries. They are home to some of the industry’s top talent, and support workers with smarter, safer, more intuitive technology on and off the factory floor. We’ll explore the role OEM suppliers play in enabling their workforce and advancing operations.


Jill Thiede, Director of Smart and Connected Technologies, PCMC

Repeating the mantra do-learn-do. Challenges finding skilled workers. Relying on OEMs more than ever. Sound familiar? It does to Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) who has embraced a smart and connected business plan. Learn how they’re bringing real-time diagnostics, analytics and smart features to enable customer productivity. PCMC is also home to one of our Academy of Advanced Manufacturing military veteran graduates. 

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