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Leverage technology to create your future-ready workplace

Join us at Automation Fair 2019 for the Metals and Mining Forum

Hear real-world examples of how other leading metals and mining professionals have increased their productivity and improved efficiencies in their operation.

Wednesday, November 20: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Metals and Mining Forum Overview


Embracing Technology to Enable the Next Generation of Mining and Metals Employees

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented workforce shift as the baby boomer generation retires. Successfully transferring knowledge to new employees and giving them the support they need to thrive is crucial to remaining profitable.

In the Forum, you will hear from other company leaders who have found innovative ways to leverage technology to create a workplace that is future-ready.

We’ll also share highlights of our joint study with Manpower to better understand how to design the workplace and workforce of the future.

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The Metals and Mining Forum will feature the following presentations from experts from these leading companies.

Newmont Goldcorp Reimagines Talent Management for the Digital Age

Bill MacGowan, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Newmont Goldcorp

Newmont Goldcorp is known across the industry for their commitment to inclusion, employee development, and worker safety. In this session, we’ll hear about some of the strategies they’ve put in place to build a strong workforce, and the role digital technology is playing in helping them attract and retain employees.

CISDI Modernizes Steel Production with Digital Technology

Robert Smith, CEO, CISDI USA Inc.

Traditionally, the iron making sub-processes (raw material, coke, sinter, and blast furnace) have been controlled independently, which means metals producers lack the information needed to make holistic business decisions or undertake large-scale optimization efforts.

CISDI has used the internet of things and big data analysis technologies to integrate operations across the iron making process. In this session, we’ll share how CISDI’s integrated intelligent management and control platform for upstream blast furnace areas has helped customers enhance stability of production and operation, improve quality control and economic indicators, and reduce energy consumption.

Manpower Analyzes the Mining Industry Workforce

Rebekah Kowalski, Vice President, Manpower Manufacturing, ManpowerGroup

Both established and emergent mining companies are searching for ways to adapt to shifting workforce dynamics. In this session, we’ll review a study Manpower and Rockwell Automation conducted to discover how mining companies are currently optimizing talent and human resources in the digital era, as well as potential new solutions and strategies that could be adopted within the industry. We’ll also provide a view on future roles that may emerge and the skills tomorrow’s mine workers will need to succeed.

Vale Boost Supply Chain with an Integrated Operations Center

Sergio Tauffer Padilha, Master IT Analyst, Vale

The mining industry has always been at the whim of commodity pricing, and with today’s global trade dynamic, companies need to be as nimble as possible in order to remain profitable. With its complex value chain, Vale has implemented an integrated operation center (COI) to bring together the skills of people, operating processes and technology to deliver exceptional levels of collaboration and efficiency. COI is a new way of working that provides visibility and information by integrating several functions of the iron ore chain: planning, scheduling and control –allowing employees to make faster, better decisions.

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