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Join us at Automation Fair 2019 for the Food and Beverage Forum

Hear real-world examples of how other leading food and beverage professionals have increased their productivity and improved efficiencies in their operation.

Wednesday, November 20: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Food and Beverage Forum Overview


Consumer Demands Drive Smart Manufacturing Investments in Food and Beverage

Are you feeling the pressure to satisfy consumer demand for more flavors, more sizes, healthier options, rainbow packs, and new product types -- all while maintaining quick production time within your facility to ensure food safety and meet profitability targets? 

Don’t miss the Food and Beverage Forum where industry experts will be on hand to discuss how they are increasing yield and OEE, overcoming security concerns, and improving flexibility with smart manufacturing at an enterprise level.


The Food and Beverages Forum will feature the following presentations from experts at these leading companies.

Managing Cybersecurity Risks in Manufacturing

Jim Tassell, Senior IT Security Architect, Kellogg Company

Smart machines, advanced analytics, mobile access, wireless data sharing and decentralized plant control enable more efficient, nimble and productive food and beverage operations. They also introduce a broader attack surface to protect. In this session, hear how Kellogg’s IT and Operations Technology (OT) departments collaborated to design and build global IT security solutions that help protect the company brand, intellectual property, manufacturing and enterprise IT systems.

Managing Production Goals & Skills Gap with Modernization

Marcin Pokusinski, Project Engineer, LOTTE Wedel

The food and beverage industry faces many challenges including cost controls, skilled workforce availability, cybersecurity and changing market pressures. LOTTE Wedel, a Polish chocolatier founded in 1851, faced many of these struggles along with aging infrastructure. In this session, you’ll hear how they collected and analyzed equipment data to prioritize investments in modernization and upgrades. Learn how they leveraged technology, increasing production while easing skilled workforce challenges.

Best Practices for Standardization of Infrastructure

Scott Ingles, NA Engineering & Controls Manager, Kraft Heinz

As part of the Kraft Heinz digital transformation journey to build smart plants, a critical factor was developing and implementing automation standards. Over the past several years, Kraft Heinz has deployed a unified infrastructure for high availability automation, network communications management, computing and storage across 40 plants. Scott will explore the process for designing the standard and the day-two support model to ensure success after project implementation.

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