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Hear real-world examples of how other leading chemical professionals have increased their productivity and improved efficiencies in their operation.

Wednesday, November 20: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Chemical Forum Overview


Digital Transformation: An Enabler For Greater Competitiveness

Today’s global business climate confronts us with a myriad of challenges: cost controls, regulations, skilled work force availability, cyber security and changing market pressures. No matter in which C7segment you operate, you need your production to be safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Join leading industry specialists at the Chemical Forum and learn how to best manage these challenges using information solutions and automation strategies to stay competitive.


The Chemical Forum will feature the following presentations from experts at these leading companies.

Defense in Depth Approach for Mitigating Process Control Security

Jason Hunt, Co-Portfolio Leader, Senior Manager – Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte

Cybersecurity risks and the potential impact to manufacturing capabilities is critical given recent events that have been reported by companies.  There also continues to be an upward trend globally in the number of attacks targeted specifically at control systems.

During this session, we will discuss strategies that can be used to establish a reliable and effective security program for process control environments.  These strategies include adoption of consistent governance frameworks, improving visibility and monitoring, improving access control, and enhancing response/recovery capabilities that can be leveraged if an event occurs.

How Ecolab has Leveraged Standardization to Improve Operations

Matt Boudjouk, Global Controls & Automation Program Lead, Ecolab

Ecolab has been on a journey the past three years to improve commonality and platform consistency across their global fleet of 120+ facilities. This journey has evolved from parts and pieces standards to implementation, configuration and operational standards. At each step along the way, there have been improvements. During this presentation you’ll learn how Ecolab’s adoption of Rockwell Automation technology has helped improve their time to market, operator efficiencies and product quality.

Open-heart Surgery in a Live Chemical Plant

Rob Struijs, Operations Director, Synres

Hans Romanesko, General Manager, Industrial Automation Partners (IAP)

After divestment from a multinational company and operating in a decreasing market environment, Synres was facing the challenge of getting ready for a sustainable future.​ The migration of an obsolete control system was identified as a strategic enabler. Using the capabilities of system integrator, Industrial Automation Partners,​​ and Rockwell Automation technology, Synres is taking steps towards a sustainable future with modernized controls and reduced downtime.​

PlantPAx in a Greenfield Plant: How and Why was it Selected?

Luis Favaro, Senior Automation Engineer, CPKelco

Julio Cesar de Holanda, Project Manager, IASTECH

Fabricio Hayashi, Business Development Manager, IASTECH

CPKelco was developing a new greenfield plant for citrus peel production at a site in Brazil. It was looking for a scalable DCS that could easily support future expansion and integrate well with a variety of automation systems. This presentation looks at how CPKelco thought through its challenges, its objectives and arrived at the conclusion to select PlantPAx.

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