Video: Academy of Advanced Manufacturing Panel

Graduates of the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing share their experiences with the program as well as their future prospects.

Video: An Innovative and Inspirational Pilot

Blake Moret, president and CEO, Rockwell Automation, explains the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing and how it's equipping workers with the skills to take advantage of new technologies.

Video: The Value of Digital Manufacturing

Frank Kulaszewicz, senior vice president, Architecture & Software, Rockwell Automation, explains the value of digital transformation during the Automation Perspectives media event.

Video: CEO Shares the Rockwell Automation Vision

Blake Moret, Rockwell Automation president and CEO, shares the highlights of his first 18 months as CEO at this week's Automation Perspectives media.

Video: The Academy of Advanced Manufacturing

Rockwell Automation and ManpowerGroup launched the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing - an effort to provide military veterans with the skills to succeed in advanced manufacturing roles.

Video: A Crisis of Workforce Availability

Chris Layden, vice president of ManpowerGroup, explains how rapid technology advancement is creating new opportunities but also a need for new skills that aren’t readily available today.

Scalable Industrial Technologies

Keith Nosbusch, Chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation, explains how scalable industrial technologies can dramatically change industrial operations.

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