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Food & Beverage Forum

Food & Beverage Forum at Automation FairWednesday, November 15
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Consumers continually seek the new and different, and prioritize taste and nutritional value. Food and Beverage producers are challenged to get new, high-quality products through the facility quickly, and keep prices low and food safer. The manufacturing world is also rapidly evolving.

Connected, information-enabled smart manufacturing connects previously siloed processes and creates new opportunities to help manufacturers better understand their operations.

Smart manufacturing has the potential to completely transform operations in the food and beverage industry. Learn how best-in-class companies are remaining competitive and capitalizing on a Connected Enterprise.

Download the forum flyer [PDF]


Reduce the Burden of FSMA Compliance Using Technology

Craig Nelson, President, Food Automation, LLC

A simple data collection and record strategy can make compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) effective and useful.  By combining the understanding of FSMA, the regulations governing the use of technology to keep records, manufacturers can create effective compliance systems, increase the speed of isolating potential food incidents and protect their brand.  Join us for this presentation to learn how to use technology to reduce the burden of FSMA, compliance.

Kraft Heinz Optimizes French Fry Production and Increases Yield, Reduces Variation and Scrap

Danny Branson, Project Engineer – Ontario, Oregon ORE-IDA, Kraft Heinz                      

In a cost competitive environment, It is often challenging for manufacturers to justify capital for modernization of equipment. Discover how Kraft Heinz developed an ROI from the optimization of their french fry production line and how the value of this solutions allowed for additional investments. Learn about the many benefits including significant reduction of break-in-line flow events, increased raw and finished product yield, and reduced variation and scrap.

Milk Specialties Global Boosts Throughput with Manufacturing Intelligence to Meet Growing Demand

Michael Calva, Analyst, Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global has been growing rapidly to keep to keep pace with increasing demand for its specialty proteins designed to optimize health and nutrition. Learn how the company implemented manufacturing intelligence systems to achieve real-time analytics and insights into its operations to quantify and justify improvements in production processes which led to significant throughput increase.

Best Practices for a Robust Cyber Security Program in Production Environments

Angela Rapko, Business Manager, Connected Services, Rockwell Automation

Digitalization in manufacturing offers substantial opportunities for productivity, flexibility, speed, and innovation. But with greater connectivity comes greater risk for security threats. These threats can take many forms, from hacktivist groups looking to disrupt operations to inadvertent mistakes by insiders. A security breach can turn a smoothly running facility into pandemonium as workers sprint to repair applications and networks before operations are impacted – or halted. Discover best practices for creating an effective cyber security strategy that meet the high demands in the Food & Beverage sector, while building robust prevention, detection, and response practices.


Food & Beverage Offerings at the 2017 Automation Fair® Event

For a complete listing of forums, technical sessions and hands-on labs focused on the food and beverage industry, download the Food and Beverage Ideal Days Flyer [PDF].