Configuration & Selection Tools



Rockwell Automation offers a powerful range of product selection and system configuration tools to assist you to choose and apply our products. There are tools available on-line and for you to install on your personal computer so that you can quickly access information on our products while in the office or on the go.

  • Product Selection
  • System Configuration
  • Product Drawings
  • Product Videos
  • Build/Validate A Catalog Number — Build, verify and get information and CAD drawings for products

    To verify a catalog number, acquire drawings and product information enter the complete number (including dashes) below.

    Catalog Number:   

  • Product Selection & Configuration Directory — Browse for additional product information or configure parts

    NOTE: Product Selection & Configuration Directory now accessible via your mobile device. No app required.

  • CrossWorks — Cross-reference competitive catalog numbers

    This on-line tools provides assistance converting competitive catalog numbers to similar Allen-Bradley products.

  • ProposalWorks — Build complete quotes, proposals and get a wealth of product information for Rockwell Automation products

    ProposalWorks provides access to information on a broad range of Allen-Bradley products and services. It provides an easy-to-use interface that quickly determines the exact catalog number for the item you need and access to current list pricing. Once you have selected the product, the software automatically selects the appropriate informational documents, photos, etc and provides you the ability to include them easily in a Word document. Also included is the Product Lifecycle status in the Bill of Materials (BOM) as well as translations into 14 languages.
    [Install ProposalWorks Lite Version (part of Product Selection Toolbox LITE Install)(approx 300Mb) | Order]

  • Industrial Computer Selector — Select an industrial computer

    Use our easy-to-use selector to quickly build a catalog number for your industrial computer or monitor.
    [Launch | Product Website]

  • Operator Interface Selection Tool — Select an operator interface

    Use our easy-to-use Operator Interface Selection Tool to quickly choose the right operator interface for your application.  [Launch | Product Website]