PowerFlex 525 Drive Startup and Configuration


In this course (CCA185-EL), you will learn how to properly start up the PowerFlex® 525 drive and configure drive parameters to meet application-specific needs. You will learn about the various hardware and software tools, including:

  • The PowerFlex 525 keypad
  • Connected Components Workbench™ software


  • Identifying PowerFlex 525 Drive Hardware
  • Communicating with a PowerFlex 525 Drive and Modifying Parameters
  • Preparing a PowerFlex 525 Drive for Startup
  • Commissioning and Tuning a PowerFlex 525 Drive
  • Monitoring and Modifying PowerFlex 525 AppView and CustomView Parameters
  • Troubleshooting PowerFlex 525 Drive Faults


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisite is required:

  • Working knowledge of electricity, and knowledge of electrical and industrial safety (including PPE requirements and safe practices)

Who Should Attend

Individuals who need to configure and commission PowerFlex 525 drives.

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