Find and Fix Failures Proactively With Analytics

Find and Fix Failures Proactively With Analytics


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From smart machines to connected sensors, you can now access data and analytics that matter to monitor almost any aspect of production, in real-time, around the clock. Real-time data is not enough, however, when it comes to spotting machine or equipment failures that cause unexpected downtime. You need insights into potential issues before they cause downtime, not after.

This is where advanced analytics software and dashboards come into play. The software combines real-time data with machine learning to understand the patterns that precede downtime events and other issues. They are presented in a dashboard and the software can detect anomalies that may indicate new failure modes or other issues that need to be investigated. These predictive insights can help your workers solve any number of challenges in your operations.

Insights are possible in your production operations today using dashboards with predictive analytics. Learn how:
•    Prescriptive analytics dashboards use historical failure data and trends to tell workers what corrective action to take. This information can help you make sure the right steps are taken to avoid asset failures, keep production on target, maximize quality and more.
•    You can customize predictive analytics dashboards to deliver the specific information that workers need to solve different problems.
•    You can use dashboards to forecast results and understand issues that are impacting yield, product quality, energy efficiency and more.

Get help getting started. We can help you define the business problems you want to solve, identify and collect the right data, and build predictive models and dashboards.

Salma Ghafoor
Presented by Salma Ghafoor, Global Technical Lead, Rockwell Automation

Salma Ghafoor spent five years at Siemens before joining Rockwell Automation 13 years ago, working first as a commercial engineer and then a senior tech consultant. Currently, she serves as the global technical lead for IoT.

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