Automated Material Handling Systems

Material Handling Automation and Control Systems and Equipment

Maintain a competitive advantage with our range of material handling solutions. Improve your operation by finding the optimum configuration of equipment and information technology for an effective automated material handling system.

Manage Unpredictable Markets

Modular and Flexible Equipment to Ease Reconfiguration

Material handling covers an unusually wide range of applications and end-user sectors. Key equipment includes conveyors, palletizers, and sorters for:

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Airport baggage handling
  • Manufacturing and bulk handling
  • Postal and parcel delivery

The efficiency and reliability of material handling automation systems often determine the productivity and profitability of a warehouse or distribution center. Manufacturers want to produce and ship product to customers faster, cheaper and with increased quality.

Flexible and modular equipment means easier reconfiguration to meet changing demands and new product introductions. Our range of solutions can improve your customer's operation with effective material handling control systems and information technology.

Multiple Automation Disciplines

Integrate Multi-discipline Control into One Infrastructure

Replace multiple, disparate control systems with one common framework. Our Integrated Architecture® portfolio includes control, visualization, motion, and network families. So you can build better machines at a lower total cost and deliver greater business value to customers.

Our Studio 5000® Automation and Design Environment combines design and engineering applications into one framework. Workflows make it easy and intuitive to use. Be better equipped to respond more quickly to changes in the needs of the market or your business.

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Material Handling Solutions in Action

Innovative and Intelligent Equipment

Machine builders who create intelligent equipment help end-users meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. We can work with you to design and deliver automated material handling equipment with advanced technologies. Together, we can respond with advanced machine control to optimize operations, improve connectivity across the enterprise, and drive profitable growth.

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Safety and Productivity

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  • Pre-engineered Safety Functions
  • SISTEMA Performance Level Calculator

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