Collaborative Execution

Connect, Validate, and Optimize Production with Manufacturing Execution Systems

Our manufacturing execution solutions are built on more than 100 years of production and control platform experience. Scalable offerings address your most critical needs for quick time to value and ease the path to smart manufacturing. We offer manufacturing execution systems (MES), industry suites and application solutions that provide workflows, business rules, and user experience configured on our FactoryTalk® ProductionCentre® software. We are eager to share our domain expertise across industries in control, automation, and enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI).

Production Management

Increase Production and Responsiveness While Reducing Costs and Risk

You are tasked with managing production processes to meet productivity goals, and cost and quality objectives. The FactoryTalk ProductionCentre software helps address the challenges that are associated with enforcing processes in manufacturing.

With this software, you can synchronize production activities and improve work-instruction delivery to personnel in increasingly complex operations. You can better manage the flow of materials from warehouses and suppliers.

The FactoryTalk ProductionCentre software offers out-of-box integration with ERP to track order data, BOM, and recipe parameters. This integrations helps you deliver manufacturing context for operational procedures. It offers a platform for continuous improvement of your entire production process.

Discover how FactoryTalk ProductionCentre software can help you jumpstart your journey to a Connected Enterprise.

Performance Management

Real-time Insight and Analysis for Production Performance

Smart manufacturing is built on visibility into real-time machine performance and productivity data. Our FactoryTalk Performance application can help you boost efficiency and productivity, quickly.

By tapping your existing automation infrastructure, FactoryTalk Performance software offers out-of-box and configurable visibility into machine performance, and analytics including OEE. This application can empower workers and pave the way for lean and continuous improvement, preventive maintenance, improved asset utilization, and operational intelligence.

Watch a demo of Rockwell Software FactoryTalk Performance software and learn more about basic functionality.

Quality Management

Each Product, Each Batch, Your Best

Facilities that rely on disparate systems and antiquated paper processes cannot guarantee consistent production quality. The newly expanded FactoryTalk Quality application lets you more easily and efficiently model and enforce your in-process quality regimens at a scalable rate. The application supports your efforts to deliver a timely, quality product and react quickly to quality issues. The FactoryTalk Quality application can be used on a project basis and scale up when value is proven. It can also be expanded to include other applications within the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre MES system or run as a standalone application.

Quality cannot be compromised, discover how our MES Quality Management solutions can digitize and bolster your quality program.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Requirements Are Compulsory, But Meeting Them Does Not Have To Be Painful

MES can reduce the cost and burden associated with compliance when it harnesses the power of automation and greater connectivity and:

  • Automates your data collection helps speed up the documentation process and reduces the likelihood of errors
  • Delivers individualized, context-specific instructions to production operators, and enforcing processes and procedures required for compliance
  • Notifies operators of exceptions during the production processes to improve batch and product accuracy and consistency. This allows quality assurance teams to review by exception rather than go through each compliance record line by line
  • Archives all records electronically to help you maintain complete compliance records

Discover how our MES solutions can relieve compliance headaches

Sustain Data Flows

Information Exchange Is Crucial, from Edge Device to the C-suite

Business and production systems must communicate or valuable information becomes trapped. Without real-time communication, you lose visibility into production operations and adherence to schedules suffer. Decision-making is stifled and the delivery of quality products on time is put in jeopardy. For many industrial producers, the task of inter-system communication is a never-ending headache that requires complex levels of IT support.

Our collaborative MES offerings help reduce these complexities. The Rockwell Software® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration gateway provides out-of-box integration between MES, DCS, and ERP systems. With immediate connection and configurable options, operators and engineers can stop worrying if the data they are seeing is the latest or if the next order that comes in will cause a bottleneck in packaging. Instead, they can focus on optimizing production.

Discover how the ERP integration gateway enables demand-driven manufacturing and improves business and operational consistency. The integration gateway also helps make the most of your existing investment in your production infrastructure.

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