Actionable Analytics

Access, Analyze, and Act on Data Across Operations

Information changes the face of manufacturing. Access to the metrics coming out of automation systems can help you make critical improvements. With analytics that scale to your production challenge, our Information Solutions offer descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to turn data into your most valuable resource.

Scalable Manufacturing Analytics

Make Decisions at the Source of Your Data

You rely on production data to solve challenges on the plant floor and across the enterprise. Scalable analytics, performed at the device, system or enterprise level, provide actionable information to the people who need it and a pathway to move data into higher-level systems.

See how we began to make use of scalable analytics to hit production and operational goals.

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The devices that make up your machines, lines, and applications produce data. To run a connected enterprise, you must extract that data and send it up to plant-wide and enterprise-wide information systems. We help you at the source of that data.

We offer solutions for device-level analytics. Plug-in appliances that automatically detect, digitize, analyze, and act on device data, provide real-time alerts on critical device and machine health. Descriptive and diagnostic analytics at the device-level.


Smarter plants give reliable information to act on. We provide the capabilities that help expand the value of data. Performance assurance solutions let manufacturers more easily collaborate with OEMs who monitor performance. This collaboration helps to operate more effectively by driving higher availability and reducing maintenance costs. Predictive maintenance solutions turn analytics into action with machines that ask for help before a breakdown.


Plant data has the power to inform every aspect of a business. Our analytic applications can integrate with many business intelligence technologies beyond our own. Now every manufacturer can confidently tap production information and analyze big data.


The ability to identify production delays and understand what is happening on your lines is the starting point for analytics. But to begin making data-based decisions, you should understand the causes behind performance issues. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) uncovers the root causes behind performance.

By monitoring plant-floor activity, OEE solutions report back to users with accurate and granular information. OEE capabilities give you visibility into the use of equipment and labor to:

  • Increase production
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality
  • Minimize variance

One chocolate maker used OEE analytics to monitor its critical performance indicators. Live production information helped make decisions that reduced material losses to less than 1 percent. See more about how this company used this analytics solution.


Contextualized data is only useful if the viewer can quickly process and make use of the information. Manufacturing analytics dashboard tools simplify creation of reports and alerts and encourage collaboration. This makes critical information consumable throughout the enterprise.

Role-based dashboards present data from sources across production and business systems. That means the right employee can make better decisions faster with relevant information directly related to their task.

With contextualized and simplified information, you can:

  • Identify factors affecting production
  • Make informed and timely decisions
  • Reduce the costs of gathering disparate sources of data
  • Better collaborate with easily shareable information

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