Industrial Security Services

Solutions for Industrial Cyber Security

With greater connectivity comes greater risk for security threats. These threats can take many forms, from bad-actor hackers to well-intentioned mistakes. Security events can impact network availability, interrupt operations, and halt productivity. Our industrial security services can help secure your infrastructure, protect assets, and maintain network availability.

A Proactive Approach to Industrial Cyber Security

Enhance your security posture with services that help improve the visibility of a connected plant floor by continuous monitoring of assets. A proactive approach to cyber security spans the entire attack continuum. Identify critical assets and risks. Help protect against potential threats before they happen. Detect them and ​have a plan​ for response and recovery ​should​ a threat be realized.

Security Assessments

Identify Your Risk Areas and Potential Threats

The first step in managing security is assessing your current state of security. This includes understanding your security posture within your software, networks, control system, policies and procedures, and employee behaviors.

With expertise in both IT principles and industrial automation, our team has the necessary skills to identify cyber security risk to industrial assets. Our security assessments will review potential threats, asset integrity, and governance processes. From there, we'll help you identify the mitigation techniques required to bring your operation to an acceptable risk state.

Protect Against Threats

Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

Once you have evaluated your current security state and identified the risks, it is time to safeguard against a vast landscape of threats. Our industrial security services team can help you develop and implement a cyber security solution to protect your industrial control systems using a Defense-in-Depth (DiD) security approach.

Leveraging the latest in security technology, we implement protective measures such as authentication, access control, data security, and patch management. We deploy solutions in compliance with current governing standards including NERC CIP, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-82. These measures can help you manage risk and protect your business-critical information.

Detect Threats

Continuously Monitor Risks and Detect Threats to Your Industrial Network

Even with a robust security program in place, to protect your industrial networks against cyber threats requires constant vigilance. Our threat detection services can help you monitor and detect these increasingly complex threats.  

These services identify normal network behavior, and then use our monitoring capabilities to detect and alert you of activity that does not conform to that expected pattern or baseline. This service helps identify activities that may pose a risk to your system more quickly or even before it happens.

We integrate industrial security software from providers who understand operational functions within industrial protocols and can help secure and optimize your industrial control network. These services give you visibility across all levels of the OT environment. This means not only threat detection, but real-time monitoring and deep network insights across your assets.

Respond to Incidents

Develop an Action Plan for Fast Response to Security Events

If a security event occurs, it is critical you are able to respond immediately to address the threat. Our industrial security services team will work with you to develop and support an action plan to respond in such an instance. Building on the expertise of our team in networks and security, we will help you develop a plan that uses proven methods to contain the incident and minimize damage.

Rapid Recovery

Quickly Get Back to Production and Investigate the Incident

Following a downtime event, getting production back up and running as quickly as possible is your top priority. Our back-up and recovery services keep near real-time records of your production and application data, allowing you to recover quickly and return to production. Following system recovery, our industrial security services team also investigates the incident to potentially identify root causes and strengthen your resilience.

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