Safety System Development Tools

Streamline Safety System Development to Reduce Time and Improve Compliance

The Safety Lifecycle methodology can dramatically reduce safety system development time and improve compliance. This approach is outlined in safety standards and our development tools.

Understand your return on investment (ROI) for a safety system, document and manage your progression through the safety lifecycle, develop safety systems, and details of specific safety functions. These tools will help ensure that your systems are compliant and productive.

Safety Automation Builder

Streamline Safety System Development with this Free Software

Safety Automation Builder is a FREE software tool to help simplify machinery safety design and validation, and reduce time and costs. Integration with RASWin Risk Assessment Software* provides you with consistent, reliable, documented management of the Functional Safety Lifecycle.

Pre-engineered Safety Functions

Safety Function Performance: Set-up, Configuration, and Wiring

Machinery safety functions require multiple elements including input device, logic device, and output device. Together, they provide a level of protection calculated by performance level as outlined in ISO 13849-1.

Each document provides guidance based on functional and performance level requirements, equipment, set-up, wiring, configuration, verification and validation, and performance level.

Application Guides

Guidance on Safety Standards, Applications, and Compliance

Application guides and articles provide guidance and information on standards, applications, and other machinery safety issues.

Safety Return on Investment Tool

Understand Your Financial Return on Safety Investments

The return-on-investment (ROI) on safety projects includes reduced direct and indirect injury costs, productivity improvements based on use of technology, and other issues unique to safety applications.


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