Safety Management

Achieve Safety and Performance Excellence

Productivity and safety are complementary measurements of business success. Best-in-class companies achieve 5 to 7% higher OEE, 2 to 4% less unscheduled downtime, and less than half the injury rate of average performers. These objectives are achieved with a focus on safety culture, compliance processes and procedures, and the use of technology to reduce risks and optimize productivity. Let us help you develop your plan for best-in-class performance.

Safety Maturity Helps Achieve Your Business Goals

Improve the Results of Your Environmental Health and Safety Program

Safety maturity is the combination of cultural behaviors, compliance procedures and processes, and capital investments in technology that improves both worker safety and productivity. It is vital that you embrace the human, procedural, and technical aspects of safety, to reach your safety and productivity goals.

As a machine builder, you can understand the value that safety brings to your customers. The importance of building machinery compliant with global standards is essential to your growth and sustainability.

Critical Business Issues for Safety Professionals

Effective safety programs optimize productivity and protect workers, equipment, reputation, and the environment. Learn more about how best-in-class performers collaborate across departments to achieve business objectives.

Safety and the Evolution of the Global Workforce

Improve Insight into Worker Behavior, Compliance, Trends

The global workforce continues to change with GDP growth rate expected to decline from 3.6% to 2.1% over the next 50 years. It will require 80% faster productivity growth to compensate for the projected decline.

Manufacturers need to take a multifaceted approach that maximizes the productivity of each worker that is hired, improvements in machinery design, safety, and connectivity.

How May We Help You?

As the world leader in industrial automation and safety technologies, we are ready to support you as you develop more efficient, safer, and productive manufacturing solutions.