Industrial Networks Whitepapers

A Technical Evaluation of Specific Network Technologies

We continuously publish whitepapers to provide awareness on network and security capabilities. These whitepapers explain the industrial-focused CPwE architectures that are tested and validated as part of the design guides referenced above. The whitepapers often combine Rockwell Automation and Cisco expertise to accurately address convergence between industrial and enterprise networks.

CPwE Design Guides

View tested and validated reference architectures to help you design and implement your network.

Filter & Refine

CIP Security within a CPwE Architecture

See our IEC 62443 based security architecture use cases for designing and deploying CIP Security™ technology across plant-wide or site-wide IACS applications.

Device Level Ring within a CPwE

See our use cases for designing and deploying DLR technology across OEM and plant-wide IACS applications.

Cloud Connectivity within a CPwE Architecture

See our security architecture use cases to design and deploy end-to-end connectivity from FactoryTalk® applications to the Rockwell Automation cloud within a CPwE architecture.

Modernizing from ControlNet to EtherNet/IP

ControlNet® protocol has been a reliable network solution for IACS for the past 25 years. Moving forward, customers can better optimize their asset utilization using EtherNet/IP™ protocol.

Parallel Redundancy Protocol in CPwE Architecture

See our use cases for designing and deploying Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) technology with redundant network infrastructure across plant-wide IACS applications.

Panduit Deploys CPwE Improving Network Performance

Panduit implements a plant-wide network technology upgrade in its Costa Rica facility to achieve optimized plant uptime and productivity.

Scalable Time Distribution

See our use cases for designing and deploying IEEE 1588 PTP and CIP Sync technology throughout a plant-wide network infrastructure.

Network Security within a CPwE Architecture

This white paper outlines several network security use cases for plant-wide industrial automation and control system (IACS) network infrastructure.

Deploy an IDC in a CPwE Architecture

Learn how to achieve a resilient, scalable network infrastructure designed to optimize plant-wide IACS application and network performance.

Deploy Identity & Mobility Services Within a CPwE

Outlines several security and mobility architecture use cases for designing and deploying mobile devices, with FactoryTalk® software applications.

Lightly Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches

Use cases to design and deploy Stratix® 2500 lightly managed ethernet switches within OEM applications and CPwE architectures.

Deployment of Industrial Firewalls

Learn how to design, deploy and manage Stratix 5950 industrial firewalls in a plant-wide industrial network.

The Connected Mine Whitepaper

Seamless connectivity and information sharing can improve business performance, increase yield, and reduce safety risks.

Deploy a Resilient Ethernet Architecture

Design considerations to the design and deployment of a holistic resilient plant-wide network architecture.

Migrate IACS Networks to a CPwE Architecture

Read about key industrial automation application requirements to help migration within the CPwE architecture framework.

Deploy Network Address Translation

Learn how Network Address Translation can help you save time by virtualizing IP addresses.

802.11 Wireless LAN Technology Whitepaper

Design and implementation guidance to achieve the real-time communication, reliability, and resiliency requirements of the industrial control system

Security Design Considerations

General considerations to design and deploy a holistic defense-in-depth industrial security policy to help secure networked Industrial Automation and Control System assets.

Segmenting the Industrial and Enterprise Zones

Recommendations for segmenting business networks from plant-wide networks by using an Industrial Demilitarized Zone

Plantwide EtherNet/IP Deployment Recommendations

With cyber security and network performance at the forefront, follow a plan to help ensure the best industrial network design for your plant.

Guidance for Selecting Cables for EtherNet/IP

Designed to help the user select cabling based on the application, environmental conditions, and mechanical requirements.