Training Services Success Stories

Prepare Your Workforce to Combat the Global Skills Gap

Customers share their success stories about when they used our Training Services in their company.

Training Services Success: Cost of Attrition and More

Eric Robker, PepsiCo, discusses the challenges of an unskilled workforce, the cost of attrition and the benefits of the multi-craft technician.

Training Services Success: Why Implement a Training Plan

Brian Ward, training manager with a leading US pulp and paper company, discusses the benefits of implementing a comprehensive training plan, investing in people versus assets, and realizing the value in tailored training.

Training Services: The Risk of Untrained Employees

Geneva Walters, technical development manager, discusses the risks associated with not training employees and the importance of proactive versus reactive analysis.

Training Services Success: How to Realize Training ROI

Joe Angalet, Michelin, discusses the importance of thought leaders who invest in training and the ROI that is realized when workers are trained.

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