ICS Triplex Legacy Product Support

Support and Upgrade Options for Your ICS Triplex Legacy Safety System

Process safety systems are an integral part of your plant. It is important to maintain current systems or upgrade legacy systems. We support ICS Triplex® legacy systems in many ways. Spare parts, phone support, field support, product repairs, system modifications, upgrades, and more are all service options. Whether your goal is to upgrade, modernize or simply support your current ICS Triplex system, we can help support your business goals.

Support and Maintenance

Support for Your ICS Triplex Legacy Process Safety Systems

Upgrade options are available on most ICS Triplex legacy process safety systems, where customers can replace the processors only. This approach retains the installed I/O and field wiring, with the option to upgrade to meet operational requirements later. This valuable option offers enhanced capabilities, minimal downtime, and in some cases can be executed with the existing systems live.

For customers of the Plantguard systems and modules, we developed an Alternative Trusted® Module, which is a direct, factory-set replacement. Simply install the Alternative Trusted Modules as you would a regular spare replacement. In doing this, you maintain full product support.

In addition, we can provide a range of support services. These services include technical, product, and system support, product repairs, routine and special maintenance, system modifications, extensions, and upgrades.

Learn More About our Current Process Safety Systems

Legacy Process Safety System Support

  • Regent
  • Regent+Plus®
  • Triguard® SC300E
  • August™ CS300
  • SFD 2000
  • SSD 2000
  • GP Elliot SO & G120
  • ICS 2000
  • PLC 2000
  • MESD 2000
  • Sentry 1 & 2
  • TMC T6000 series

How to Upgrade Your Current Legacy System

Extend the Life of Your Operating System

See how simple a system upgrade can be when the originally installed legacy I/O and field installations are retained. When you plan and prepare effectively, an upgrade can be done in a few hours instead of weeks or months. Demonstration videos for ICS Triplex® Regent, ICS Triplex® Regent+Plus®, Triguard® SC300E, and August™ CS300 can show you how this is achieved.

Maintain Plant Efficiency with Global Support Specialists

Benefit from Deep Domain Knowledge

System upkeep is an endless responsibility. Even if you have excellent in-house resources, sometimes you need a little extra help to respond in urgent situations. We have dedicated support services that address technical domain knowledge, spares and repairs, parts management, system upgrades, and more.

Support for ICS Triplex Legacy Products

Phone Support

Spares and repairs:
+44 (0) 1621 879527

RTS technical support:
+44 (0) 1621 879500

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