ICS Triplex Legacy Product Support

Support and Upgrade Options for Your ICS Triplex Legacy Safety System

We offer options to support your ICS Triplex® legacy safety system. We offer spare parts, phone and field support, and product repairs. In addition, we can provide safety consultancy services, system modifications, extensions, and upgrades. Regardless of your business goals, we can help you manage your legacy control product system.

Support and Maintenance

Support for Your ICS Triplex Legacy Control Systems

Upgrade options are available on some ICS Triplex legacy control systems. Customers can replace the processors only. This approach retains the installed I/O and field wiring, with the option to upgrade to meet operational requirements later. This valuable option offers enhanced capabilities, minimal downtime, and in some cases can be executed with the existing systems live.

For customers of the Plantguard systems and modules, we developed an Alternative Trusted Module, which is a direct, factory-set replacement. Simply install the Alternative Trusted Modules as you would a regular spare replacement.

In addition, we can provide a range of support services. These services include technical product and system support, product repairs, routine and special maintenance, and system modifications, extensions, and upgrades.

We offer support for:

  • Regent
  • Regent+Plus
  • Triguard SC300E
  • CS 300
  • SFD 2000
  • SSD 2000
  • GP Elliot SO & G120
  • ICS 2000
  • PLC 2000
  • MESD 2000
  • Sentry 1 & 2
  • TMC T6000 series

Learn More About Your Product's Current Lifecycle Status

    How to Upgrade Your Oil and Gas Safety System

    Modernization Strategy for Upgrading Safety Systems in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Recent events in the oil and gas industry have emphasized the importance of maintaining the highest standards of safety. These events have spotlighted the potential worker, environmental, and business ramifications of a significant safety event. Oil and gas producers and the operators who manage their production facilities demand the highest level of safety. This high level of safety helps protect personnel, the environment, and assets while maintaining maximum uptime and minimal operational disruption.

    Drivers for a Safety System Upgrade

    The Business Case for Upgrading Your Safety System

    The decision to upgrade a safety system in a process plant is never one that is taken lightly. The drivers behind this decision are often complex and influenced by many factors and stakeholders. Asset owners commonly find themselves faced with a primary and secondary set of reasons for a safety system upgrade.


    Phone Support

    Spares and repairs:
    +44 (0) 1621 879527

    RTS technical support:
    +44 (0) 1621 879500

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