Smart Safety Interactive Brochure

This interactive brochure shows how our Smart Safety products are integral to The Connected Enterprise and how they can help enhance safety while optimizing your production and maintenance.

Smart Sensors Interactive Brochure

This interactive brochure shows how our Smart Sensors are integral components of The Connected Enterprise and how they can help optimize your manufacturing, production, and maintenance.

Digitally Transform with The Connected Enterprise

Learn how to digitally transform your operations into a Connected Enterprise to help improve almost any aspect of your enterprise performance.

The Safe, Connected Enterprise

The Connected Enterprise helps manufacturers monitor and improve safety while boosting plant productivity.

Free Ebook: Integrated Power & Automation

See how Rockwell Automation solutions use modern digital technology to optimize ROI and unify process control and electrical distribution systems.

Digitized Risk Management: Gain Safety, Security

Learn how adopting the Industrial Internet of Things into your operation can help to increase security measures and improve safety and performance.

How Jack Daniel’s Reduced Downtime

Famous distiller revamped its industrial network with no interruption to production to achieve a scalable and more standardized, reliable and secure system.

How to Improve Your IIoT Deployments

Learn key strategies that can help maximize successful, scalable networked deployments, including how to manage data and achieve holistic security.

When To Use Smart Sensors in Your Operation

Smart sensors communicate data that help machines operate more effectively, but not all sensors on the plant floor need to be smart.

Better Safe (and Secure) Than Sorry

The Connected Enterprise helps manufacturers minimize the potential for employee safety and business security problems while improving productivity.

The Technology Behind ConnectedProduction

Our remote data acquisition controllers are wireless, long-range, multi-frequency, and can withstand harsh environments.

Energy Monitoring System Improves Visibility

Find out how this global company improved energy efficiency and reporting through a single energy monitoring solution.

Get in the IIoT Game with Current Equipment

Manufacturers must keep equipment and automation current to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as they build a Connected Enterprise.

Greenfield Observations for Industry Leaders

Greenfield industrial projects in the age of IIoT require new, flexible and productive plant solutions.

PlantPAx Decreases Costs and Increases Efficiency

With a standardized system enabled by PlantPAx, the modern DCS, KCC was able to improve efficiency, reduce engineering time, reduce downtime and improve maintenance.

Turning Machine Data Into Operational Intelligence

Real-time information and analytics can help prevent production problems from occurring and drive improvement efforts, provided manufacturers have digitally enabled operations.

Connecting Real-Time Production Data

Instead of physical consolidation under one roof and one owner, production can now be digitally consolidated using the Internet of Things.

Smart Safety Brochure

This brochure shows how our Smart Safety products are integral to The Connected Enterprise and how they can help enhance safety while optimizing your production and maintenance.

Bringing The Connected Enterprise to Life

Learn how a more connected enterprise is empowering industrial leaders to meet ever-changing consumer demands.

Big Data Requires Big Visualization

Augmented reality that will change the way we interact with smart devices – and be as influential to manufacturing as the launch of the iPhone was to mobility.

Control Readers' Choice Awards

The results of Control magazine's annual Readers’ Choice Awards open-ended reader survey on suppliers with the best products and services in process automation disciplines.

Deploy a Fiber Optic Physical Infrastructure

This application guide provides direction for the fiber optic cabling used in a Converged Plant-wide Ethernet architecture. Tested and validated by Cisco, Panduit, and Rockwell Automation.

Digitized Risk Management: Safety and Security

The Connected Enterprise and IoT-enabled technologies help monitor assets and processes, better protecting employees and securing business systems and information.

Maximizing Industrial IoT Deployments

Scalable analytics and a holistic approach to industrial security are among the components that should be part of any Industrial IoT deployment.

Getting More for Less: The Connected Enterprise

Adopting IoT technologies in your journey to a Connected Enterprise can do more for your operations than you think.

Use Data to Strengthen Industrial Safety

In a Connected Enterprise, safety professionals can automate the collection and reporting of safety data to better understand risks and enhance industrial safety.

Joining Forces for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is changing the way manufacturers operate by unlocking new opportunities helping them redefine manufacturing success in the short, medium and long term.

Demystifying Digital Transformation

Learn how significant value and productivity can be gained through digital transformation by taking a look at the cultural and the technological constraints that inhibit most organizations.

Orchestrate Your Information

It’s one thing to want a Connected Enterprise, but how exactly do you implement it? Rockwell Automation shares its experience integrating OT and IT for its own operations.

Catching Up With Digital Transformation

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming new initiative. It usually migrates along a problem-solving execution model.

Protecting Networks and Facilities

Greater connectivity and information sharing, inspired by concepts like IoT and brought to life in The Connected Enterprise, are significantly transforming companies and their operations.

Harmonize Your Real-time Production Data

IoT-enabled Connected Enterprises share real-time information up and down the supply chain, improving productivity and profitability and creating a competitive advantage.

The Role of Standards in Smart Manufacturing

Many countries are eager to adopt Smart Manufacturing strategies. The real influence lies not in the latest technology, but in the standards behind that technology.

Strategy for Enterprise Digitization & Performance

Although many organizations are on the road to digitization, most are taking a winding path. What's preventing your company's digital success?

The Connected Power Plant

With the proliferation of the Industrial Internet of Things, more power producers are turning to enabling technology, such as a modern DCS, to improve operations.

Operational Intelligence

Continuous improvement means continuous effort. Make it easier with a Connected Enterprise that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT).

Enabling Technologies Assist Connected Enterprises

Enabling technologies create an agile Connected Enterprise and help expand operations, innovate new products and processes and grow the business.

Beingmate Fortifies Processes With MES

Chinese infant formula producer Beingmate used the Rockwell Software CPGSuite MES Solution to meet stringent new CFDA regulatory requirements, boost production and increase market share.

Modernising HMI SCADA in the Food Industry

Major food industry supplier reduces downtime by modernising their HMI SCADA using FactoryTalk HMI software.

Lock Up Your Data

Learn important considerations for planning, designing and implementing a secure remote network access solution, and get resources to help you.

Using Technology to Link Operations and Enterprise

Take a pragmatic approach to Connected Enterprise technologies: strategy, assess, prioritize and upgrade and prosper.

Legacy Controls Migrated to an Integrated Solution

Livestock compound feed manufacturer sees simpler migration result in a faster, more robust and economically effective network and automation infrastructure.

Gancia Bubbly Gets New Life Thanks to the PlantPAx

The complete modernisation of their sparkling process control enables F.lli Gancia to take one more step towards The Connected Enterprise

The Benefits of The Connected Enterprise

Our Integrated Control and Information portfolio and solutions break down barriers, securely providing access to data to provide the right intelligence to the right people.

Accelerating Industrial Performance

Drive better decision making, expose process inefficiencies, facilitate best-practice collaboration, and uncover new business opportunities.

Connecting the 'Things' to the IIoT

“Smart assets are critical to the connected enterprise,” says Blake Moret, president and CEO of Rockwell Automation.

Key Considerations for Operationalizing

Learn what to consider when operationalizing The Connected Enterprise. How to improve competitiveness with information.

Real-Time Analytics Driving Transformational Value

Executives from Endress Hauser, Maynilad Water Services, 3M, FANUC America Corporation and Rockwell Automation explore how the industry is collecting and using big data.

Scalable Technologies and The Connected Enterprise

See how scalable industrial technologies enhanced The Connected Enterprise.

Secure Controls Systems in a Connected Enterprise

Executives discuss the importance of industrial cybersecurity and how new technologies must be leveraged to optimize security.

The Connected Enterprise: An Introduction

Learn how connectivity is deepening our understanding of events and sharpening decision-making in the era of big data manufacturing.

The Connected Enterprise Vision

Learn about Rockwell Automation's vision for The Connected Enterprise.

The Stages of The Connected Enterprise Model

Learn about the five stages of the execution model that can help protect your operation against emerging Internet of Things threats and take the first steps to operational excellence.

Bringing People, Processes, & Technology Together

Learn how collaboration and integration enable you to use the power of real-time data to make better, more profitable business decisions.

Disruptive Tech and The Connected Enterprise

Sujeet Chand, CTO, Rockwell Automation, details how the company’s control and information architecture is designed to build upon new, disruptive technologies as they arise.

How to Capitalize on `Industry 4.0`

Learn how to seize the Internet of Things opportunity more quickly and respond to new opportunities.

The Benefits of The Connected Enterprise

Learn how better communication among machines, processes, plants and the supply chain allows key decision makers to operate more flexibly, aiding productivity.

The Connected Enterprise and Increased Visibility

The Connected Enterprise helps Rockwell Automation optimize facilities and supplier networks for increased visibility and better decision-making.

10 Things to Know About VLANs and Subnets

Learn more about these critical components for designing and implementing a Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE).

How Digital Manufacturing Drives Daimler Trucks

Upgrading to a scalable network helped better coordinate truck customizations and support flexible, efficient operations at the Western Star production facility.

How Wireless Can Extend Your Connected Enterprise

In-chassis or gateway communications and other secure, wireless solutions can help connect PLCs and send data that will help you analyze and optimize operations.

Smart Manufacturing Lowers Costs, Increases Profit

Manufacturers must identify and fix processes in their facilities where wastes and losses occur, and in doing so, boost profits.

Connecting Safety to the Bottom Line

Industrial applications are seeing a convergence of safety and productivity at a practical and strategic level. A major enabler of this is the amount of data available.

Embracing Automated Serialization & Traceability

By integrating serialization and traceability with enterprise networks, manufacturers are minimizing risk while seeing gains in effectiveness and productivity.

Machine Builders: Maximize Design Productivity

This video describes ways to reduce design labor time and costs.

Connect with Initiatives that Delight Customers

After stabilizing their operations via the Connected Enterprise, manufacturers should wield it to better satisfy customers with quality, speed and lower prices.

Uncover the Future of Mining

Access and use information in real-time for safer, more efficient mining operations.

Smart Manufacturing Embraces Modern Technology

Learn how to achieve smart manufacturing with modern technology in our eBook.

Smart Manufacturing

The world needs to become a smarter place. How? With the Connected Enterprise, products become smarter, people become smarter and their decisions become smarter.

Secure Connectivity Across the Enterprise

Rockwell Automation and Cisco help manufacturers to bridge the technical gaps between plant-floor and higher-level in.formation systems with products, services and educational resources

Stabilize Your Operations for Future Production

Focus on reliable equipment, providing a safe workplace and environmental compliance.

Properly Protect Your Wireless Network

Follow these standards-based security best practices to implement a secure and reliable wireless network for mission-critical applications.

Be Honest: How Secure is Your Enterprise?

An embedded security culture is fundamental in The Connected Enterprise. But cyber-security is the top cause of concern for manufacturers.

Attack Risk at Its Roots

Learn how to address industrial risk management challenges within your automation infrastructure in our eBook.

Plant-Floor Improvements Drive Competitiveness

Return on investment from smart-manufacturing initiatives starts with production performance goals.

Leverage Intelligence with Smart Manufacturing

Discover how to use embedded intelligence and new sources of information to build a connected enterprise in our whitepaper.

Key Ingredients for Smart Machines

Learn what OEMs need to meet end users' needs for integrated machines that provide production intelligence and improve responsiveness to changing market demands.

Food Maker Leaps Forward in Process Automation

Moving from manual to automated batch processing not only minimized errors and improved efficiency, but has established a baseline for implementing The Connected Enterprise.

Rockwell Automation and Panduit Alliance Profile

Together, Rockwell Automation and Panduit prepare your for the Internet of Things with optimized physical infrastructure products, services, and solutions.

Take Advantage of the IoT for Smarter Operations

Most manufacturing executives believe that IoT will boost profitability over the next five years. Here are four critical steps to pave the way to IoT success.

Connected Decision-Making for Manufacturers

What goes into decision-making for manufacturers, and how do you turn data into intelligence to make efficiency and productivity improvements on the factory floor?

HMI Evolved

Data that was once untapped or lost in complexity can be brought to life through modern HMI software integrated with IT and OT systems.

Production Powered by Data

The IoT is a competitive advantage - but also a challenge for manufacturing. Executives have to ready their plants and equipment to share and leverage information.

corosys Ready to Conquer Us Brewing Market

Engineering time cut in half and legislation addressed for brewing carbonation system, thanks to Integrated Architecture approach.

The Connected Mine

Seamless connectivity and information sharing can improve business performance, increase yield, and reduce safety risks.

You Really Can Use Mobile Devices in the Plant

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet now can connect securely in an industrial setting to access performance metrics and data analytics.

Leverage Embedded Intelligence

With a connected enterprise, you can discover and leverage embedded intelligence to help your organization succeed.

Industrial Business Leaders Don't Ask About IIOT

You can increase your productivity across the automation life cycle as a step on the journey to The Connected Enterprise. Getting the best from what you have is the best way to prepare.

Automation Modernization: The Time to Begin is Now

Smart manufacturing requires modernization. Rapid advances in automation, equipment, and networking technologies accelerate the pace at which production systems approach obsolescence.

Which Wireless Standard Suits Your Operation?

Here’s what you need to know about the three most common short-range wireless standards for industrial applications.

Fonterra Deploys Completely Integrated Plant

Leading multinational dairy company successfully deploys worldwide in-house standards on single-solution, single-supplier Connected Enterprise compliant control infrastructure.

New Dairy Ingredients Plant for Fonterra

Leading multinational dairy company successfully deploys worldwide in-house standards on single-solution, single-supplier Connected Enterprise compliant control infrastructure

Energy Efficient VFDs and The Connected Enterprise

Global market demands and government regulations are fostering the need for more efficient drives that also collect data to measure and reduce power consumption.

Smart Devices Boost Performance & the Bottom Line

Every human tries to avoid mistakes. But now - with smart devices and intelligent machinery enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) - things can avoid mistakes, too.

Oil Giant Improves Cybersecurity and Lowers Costs

A major oil and gas company needed a technological solution to centralize information gathering and monitor its control assets across one of California's rural valleys.

Intelligence Drives Operations Innovation

Manufacturers must get smarter and leverage data to proactively eliminate problems before they happen and continuously innovate operations processes and practices.

Tissue Industry Converting Solution Developed

New machine delivers performance improvements and data capabilities that move it and the company into The Connected Enterprise.

Align Your Supply Chain With the IoT

Firms that adopt a Connected Enterprise framework can achieve supply-chain alignment by linking processes via the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded intelligence.

6 Questions to Ask When Securing Your IoT

Find out how to create an Internet of Things cybersecurity strategy that helps protect your network, increase efficiency and meet future infrastructure needs.

Seeing Gaps in Security?

Cyber threats to industrial firms are real and hit every day. Learn practical tips on how to secure your industrial networks and make it a competitive advantage.

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