Our History

A Legacy of Innovation

Every company builds its legacy. And at Rockwell Automation, our legacy is marked by technology leadership – and an unrelenting focus on innovation. Learn more about the milestones in our development.

  • 1903-1920s
  • 1930s-1950s
  • 1960s-1980s
  • 1990s-2010s

Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen form the Compression Rheostat Company with an initial investment of $1,000.


One of the company’s first commercially manufactured crane controllers is exhibited at the St. Louis World's Fair.


Compression Rheostat Company is renamed Allen-Bradley Company.

Dr. Allen appointed president, Lynde Bradley, vice president and treasurer, and Harry Bradley, secretary and superintendent of Allen-Bradley.


The first Allen-Bradley sales office is established in New York.


Allen-Bradley sales reach $86,000.


Dr. Stanton Allen dies.


Allen-Bradley sales grow to $404,683.


The "Bradleystat," a rheostat for use in automobile dashboards and radios, is first offered.


The octagon logo becomes the Allen-Bradley company trademark.


Bradleystat sales reach $1,161,380.

Milwaukee physician Stanton Allen

Milwaukee physician Stanton Allen befriends Lynde Bradley during visits to Bradley's initial business venture, the Milwaukee X-Ray Laboratory.

Harry Bradley develops a lifelong passion for research.

Always at home "in the shop," Harry Bradley develops a lifelong passion for research.

In 1923 the octagon logo becomes the Allen-Bradley trademark.

The octagon logo becomes the company trademark. The Bradleys' penchant for quality is the company's guiding force. As a result, the word "Quality" replaces "Allen-Bradley" at the bottom of the logo in later years.