ThingWorx Platform IoT

Transform Your Business

We are proud to partner with PTC Inc. to enable integration with data from multiple plant-level applications to drive enterprise-level insights.

We provide FactoryTalk® operations management and intelligence solutions. We use integrated automation systems, edge to enterprise real-time machine learning capabilities, and operational analytics. PTC provides the ThingWorx® Industrial Enablement Platform to simplify and accelerate the development of robust industrial IoT applications.

The ThingWorx platform provides the functionality, flexibility, and scalability businesses need to drive industrial innovation. This platform can also help you orchestrate processes and deliver powerful web, mobile, and AR experiences.

Discover the Proven Platform with End-to-End Capabilities

The ThingWorx platform offers all of the capabilities needed to build and extract value from smart, connected operations. With rapid development tools and support for on-premise or cloud deployments, the ThingWorx platform is the best IoT choice for companies serious about industrial innovation.

ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform Overview

Watch a broad overview of the leading Industrial IoT Platform ThingWorx, and learn about the new features and capabilities ThingWorx 8 provides.

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