Machine Learning

Make Data More Useful

Machine learning capabilities give computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. You can learn everything about your process and see what is happening now. You can also predict what changes are made with different inputs and associate process behavior into groups. You can drive processes to optimal outcomes through use of dynamic models.

Use Machine Learning to Solve Business Challenges

With manufacturing data everywhere, why does it fail to solve many of your business challenges?

  • Data is noisy and unevenly distributed
  • Relationships have time-based delays
  • Measurements take time and cause variation where they interact
  • Functions are non-linear and usually complex

Data scientists spend about 60% of their time cleansing and preparing data for machine learning. It is a time-consuming process, especially in manufacturing where historian software is often used to collect data but does not annotate it well. Lack of data is not the issue; lack of connectivity is.

Machine Learning in Your Hands

Our FactoryTalk® Analytics™ software can make your data more useful without requiring so much time from data scientists, and it can:

  • Oversee operations and alert your teams to abnormal situations
  • Observe product quality and specify issue causes without waiting for lab results
  • Notify you of equipment issues before unplanned downtime or catastrophic failure
  • Leverage all your data to increase capacity, reduce energy and improve quality

This software enables you to learn from your data when you use interactive tools to prepare, analyze, and translate it to streaming functions. Leverage open standards for machine learning or develop your own. Connect to data at multiple layers in the architecture, solve use cases that provide the most return and build using a common platform.

When you decide where to apply machine learning, think about where the data is, what the focus of your analytic is, where the action is triggered and how slow is too late. To get the most value, pick the lowest level where the data you need is readily available.

Intelligence by the Enterprise, for the Enterprise

With advanced manufacturing analytics software, you can collect data from multiple systems and locations. You can organize it in a way that makes the most sense for every person that uses the information, based on role, responsibilities and location.

Everyone can use a single decision-support platform to:

  • Make faster, better business decisions
  • Improve best practices and regulatory compliance
  • Monitor and troubleshoot remote assets
  • Recognize and remediate potential security risks
  • Enhance quality and minimize waste
  • Maximize resource utilization

Analysis and Insight

With Useful Data to Target Your Business, There are Lots of Applications

  • Machine Learning — General ML tool kit develop and implement custom applications
  • Dynamic Optimization — Drive operations to stable peak performance
  • Target Optimization — Drive targets to maximum performance
  • Predictive Maintenance — Identify equipment issues early, alert and schedule maintenance
  • Anomaly Detection — Early detection and alarm on abnormal operations
  • Predictive KPIs — Predict performance and quality early and identify key influences
  • Sensor Validation — Detect deviations on critical measurements and reconstruct
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