Cost Effective Solutions for Oil and Gas Operator TAQA

Cost Effective Solutions for Oil and Gas Operator


  • TAQA’s Northern North Sea platforms had a number of high value bespoke obsolete components


  • LeKtroniX, a Rockwell Automation Business provided specialist repair solutions for TAQA


  • A number of cost-effective repairs and replacements to obsolete equipment and components were carried out, such as: – PC components, motherboard and PSU; water damaged electrical power unit modules; and multiple types of gas turbine cards held as spares

LeKtroniX, a Rockwell Automation Business offers third party repair expertise in industrial automation repairs, spares and service, together with extensive industry knowledge


TAQA is an international energy and water company operating in 11 countries, across four continents. Within the UK, TAQA is an exploration and production company working in the North Sea.

Companies frequently contact Rockwell Automation with requests for replacement of obsolete components sometimes representing potentially high costs. Once they engage with us it becomes clear that repair may be a more viable and cost effective option.

Rockwell Automation and Lektronix recently worked on providing specialist repair solutions for a number of high value bespoke obsolete components for TAQA’s Northern North Sea platforms.


TAQA had three different issues:

Bristol Babcock PC

A Windows NT4 machine would not power on. The motherboard had been damaged due to a power supply failure that had subsequently corrupted the hard drive.

Weatherford Electrical Power Unit Modules

Two Weatherford EPUs (Electrical Power Unit) for electrical submersible pumps failed. The machine builder advised that the units were obsolete and offered brand new replacements. The Weatherford EPU Modules were unusual in that they are complete machine assemblies designed and constructed by a machine builder.

Ruston Gas Turbine Cards

TAQA held a number of Ruston Gas Turbine Cards as spares. 55 cards of 10 different card types in various states of repair were sent to Lektronix for review. The cards contained obsolete components that were no longer manufactured or available.


TAQA approached Rockwell Automation to determine if it was possible for the items to be repaired at a lower cost. Lektronix were brought on board to inspect the units and create a comprehensive scope of work for the repairs.

Weatherford EPU


Bristol Babcock PC

The motherboard was repaired and components replaced by Lektronix with the addition of a new power supply. The corrupt hard drive was recovered and reimaged, resulting in a fully functional PC. This image of the hard drive was virtualised for future insurance.

Weatherford Electrical Power Unit Modules

The assembly had sustained water damage, resulting in failure, and had caused corrosion to multiple internal components. As testing of the repaired unit was not possible in the workshop, our team, recognising that a more flexible approach to the customer’s requirements would be needed, initiated a joint strategy whereby TAQA would pay the parts only cost until the unit had been fully tested by TAQA offshore and the repair deemed successful.

Ruston Gas Turbine Cards

Out of the 55 cards 11 were working, 30 were repaired, repacked and sent back to stock at TAQA, 3 were used by Lektronix for donor parts and a further 11 were not repairable and scrapped. This ensured sufficient replacement cards to continue running a number of turbines and obviates the requirement to do a control system upgrade.

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