Keeping People Safe Around Machinery: focus on Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO)

Keeping People safe around Machinery focus on LOTO


30 Minutes



Failure to prevent hazardous release of energy attributes for a large proportion of the serious to fatal accidents in industry. Work environments should be predictable places where people are risk-conscious and trained to apply functional precautions without compromises - employers have an obligation to ensure safe work environment for employees.

The need for tried and tested visual and physical means to prevent harm still holds true even today when the advent of
the Industry 4.0 and IIoT is propelling new capabilities and approach. Lockout tagout (LOTO) is a simple yet highly effective Safety Solution. Most companies have some form of Lock-out Tag-out program but still there are accidents occurring that could have been prevented due to deficiencies in implementation.

Rockwell Automation’s ScanESC is an electronic management tool for LOTO which provides users an intuitive process to access the LOTO procedures, execute audits, track LOTO utilization and perform standard operating procedures. The system is based on a mobile app, that can be installed at compatible iOS, Android or Windows devices and a web portal. Best practices in LOTO and ScanESC will be discussed.

Get Informed now.

During this live webinar, you can learn,

  • How to keep people safe & hazardous energy Locked-out, tagged-out.
  • Purpose and advantages of lockout/tagout.
  • How to access your lockout/ tagout 24/7.
  • Ways to Document Types of Lockout/ Tagout Procedures
  • ScanESC™ Solution Overview and benefits

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