Expand your smart machine capabilities by Integrated Robotics technology

Expand capabilities by Integrated Robotics


30 Minutes



Can you imagine that your robots integrated with control system running in your plants and facilities? Integrated robotics technology can bring a tremendous flexibility to designing and operating your machines.

By reducing the performance-robbing network interface and complex cell/line control to robot control handshaking logic, integrated robot controls can improve machine performance and reduce your maintenance costs while you enjoy the key benefits :

  • one button” changeover: Tool-less change
  • Manufacturing Flexibility: Easily re-configured for other products
  • Better coordination between robots and other motion
  • Extensive robotic Add-On Instructions (AOI) library: supports a range of robotic control functions for easy integration.
  • Better Diagnostics and easier maintenance – No Special Robotics Skills required

In this webinar, learn how Innovative robotics solution integrated with control system can bring the efficiency and flexibility to your machines and help continue your smart machine journey.

Join this webinar and be a game changer in smart machines.

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