Your health and safety matters to us

Rockwell Automation leaders and its global security and environmental, safety and health teams are actively monitoring the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) globally. The health and safety of employees, partners and customers is the priority.

The human-to-human transfer and symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to the seasonal flu, according to the World Health Organization. We encourage everyone to take everyday precautions – washing hands frequently and covering mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing with a flexed elbow or tissue – as the best defense against the transmission of flu and viruses.

At our events, we partner with the venue staff to minimize the spread of germs. This includes making sure that hand sanitizers are readily available and working with venue partners to step up cleaning sanitation efforts.

Finally, for any participant or attendee who has traveled to Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau) Japan, South Korea, northern regions of Italy, or any area of the world that has been rated as “high risk” by the World Health Organization in the past two weeks or – if you have been exposed to someone suspected of having the coronavirus: We respectfully ask that you follow the best practice of self-quarantine for 2 weeks and we ask that do not attend the event.