Defence-In-Depth Security

Webinar: Defence-In-Depth Security — Addressing the Complexity Using Real Life Case StudiesDefence-In-Depth Security — Addressing the Complexity Using Real Life Case Studies

A defence-in-depth security architecture is based on the idea that any one point of protection may be defeated. No single product, technology or methodology can fully secure Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS). Protecting IACS assets requires a multiple layers defence-in-depth security approach, which addresses both internal and external security threats.

By registering for the webinar, we’ll be addressing the topics below, using customer case studies:

  • Tamper Detection - detect and record unwanted activity and modifications to the application
  • Secure Network Infrastructure - control access to the network, detect unwanted access and activity
  • Content Protection - protect viewing, editing and use of specific pieces of control system content
  • Access Control and Policy Management - control who, what, where and when access is allowed, to which application and device

We’ll also be giving away a FREE High Level Network Health Check to one lucky winner after the Webinar. Our experienced Industrial Security Consultant, will help you identify your network performance, security vulnerabilities and make recommendations to help mitigate your risk.