ControlLogix SIL 2

Process Controller Safety System

Manufacturers today require safe, reliable systems to safeguard people, property, the environment, and reputations. Safety integrity level (SIL) 2 certification of ControlLogix® products by TÜV makes it simpler, easier, and cost effective for manufacturers to meet growing standards requirements.

Cost Effective Design

Exceptional Savings

  • No additional training for a separate process safety system
  • Readily available spares
  • Same hardware as Basic Process Control System (BPCS)

Configurable Topologies

  • Fail-safe certified
  • Fault-tolerant certified

Easily Configured Standard Controller

New TüV Certifications

  • Provides high levels of availability
  • Extends the fault tolerance down to the I/O level

Implement Quickly

  • Configurable software makes the system easier to use
  • Pre-developed logic for diagnostics, comparison, alarming, and other functions is provided
  • Encapsulated routines are transparent and configurable

Reliability by Design

  • Same design as ControlLogix controllers, I/O modules, and communication products
  • Standard design provides the reliability that is needed to achieve SIL 2 certification


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