iTRAK Intelligent Track Systems

A Modular, Scalable Linear Motor System to Increase Flexibility

Revolutionizing the design and build of track-based industrial motion control for packaging and materials handling, iTRAK® combines linear and rotary motion. The result is a flexible, fully integrated motion solution that helps you get more from your machines.

Track System Revolutionizes Motion Control

We have developed the most innovative motion solution on the market today: iTRAK The Intelligent Track System. This system is a modular, scalable, and linear motor system. It allows for independent control of multiple movers on straight or curvilinear paths. Gone are the rotary driven chains, belts, and gears of the past. iTRAK replaces hardware with simple, effective software profiles that redefine speed and flexibility in automation.


  • Increased production rates – 50% or more
  • Lessened downtime for changeovers
  • Reduced machine size
  • Shorter runs can still be profitable
  • Lowered periodic maintenance

Introducing iTRAK: The Intelligent Track System

iTRAK is a modular, scalable motion control system that provides independent control of multiple magnetically propelled movers on a track.

Modernize Machine Design

The iTRAK Intelligent Track System presents an opportunity to revolutionize machine design in a way that has not been seen in decades. Watch the way machine designs have changed from mechanical line shafts to electronic line shafts and finally to independent mover technology. This video shows how the mixture of continuous and intermittent motion, direct drive motion control, and high-performance servo control can combine to increase throughput, reduce changeover time, and reduce overall machine size.

How May We Help You?

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iTRAK can be configured to suit specific application needs

The iTRAK System consists of:

  • iTRAK Linear Modules
    • Each iTRAK Linear Motor is a self-contained multi-phase motor module and ready to use out of the box with no moving parts subject to wear
  • iTRAK Curve Modules
    • iTRAK Curve Motor Modules work seamlessly with Linear Motor Modules and the standard iTRAK Movers
  • iTRAK Movers
    • iTRAK Movers are available in different sizes and designs or can be customised to meet precise application needs. The motion of the Mover is tracked using an absolute encoder integrated within the iTRAK Motor Modules
  • Power and Control Module
    • Each iTRAK Module contains its own drive which requires power and communications. The Power and Control Module (PCM) provides these necessary functions in a centralised module.
  • iTRAK and Integrated Architecture
    • The iTRAK System really excels when it is combined with Integrated Architecture. Integrated Architecture enables end users and machine builders to respond to dynamic demands

iQFlex exploits MagneMotion flexibility and scalability

This integrated platform streamlines IMA Automation’s design and programming activities, while its customers benefit from minimised installation and start-up times, coupled to reduced maintenance, changeover and training.

Described by IMA Automation as the next step in motion control, independent cart technology replaces mechanical systems with simple, effective software profiles – redefining speed and flexibility in automation. With MagneMotion on board, the iQ FLEX’s versatility makes it ideal for multiple industries and assembly applications, such as those for medical devices, automotive and electronics products.