Individual MES Applications

Address Specific Manufacturing Challenges

Tap into scalable FactoryTalk® ProductionCentre® MES applications that address specific manufacturing challenges, like quality, machine performance and track/trace and genealogy. Solutions can start with a single use case at the machine or work-area level, and then scale up to a larger MES solution over time as ROI is realized.

Production Management

Better Manage and Control Production for Efficient and Profitable Operation

Successful manufacturers plan and control production to keep it running smoothly at required levels while meeting cost and quality objectives. They enforce standard manufacturing processes and continuously monitor and evaluate production plans. They adapt these plans to better meet cost, quality, flexibility, delivery, and other objectives as needed. Learn how FactoryTalk Production can help you to organize your production activities and improve work instruction deliveries to personnel in complex operations.

Performance Management

Real-time Insight and Analysis for Production Performance

Smart manufacturing is built on visibility into real-time machine performance and productivity data. Our FactoryTalk Performance application can help you boost efficiency and productivity, quickly.

When you tap existing automation infrastructure, FactoryTalk Performance software offers out-of-box and configurable visibility into machine performance, and analytics including OEE. This application can empower workers and pave the way for lean and continuous improvement, preventive maintenance, improved asset utilization, and operational intelligence.

Quality Management

Each Product, Each Batch, Your Best

Facilities that rely on disparate systems and antiquated paper processes cannot guarantee consistent production quality. The FactoryTalk Quality application can digitize and bolster your quality program. We offer deeper visibility into your operations. These new insights can help you drive continuous improvement, enable preventive maintenance and improve asset utilization.

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