CPGSuite Manufacturing Execution System

Accelerate Production

Our FactoryTalk® CPGSuite® MES provides scalable, value-based applications to help you achieve operational excellence. We can help you increase the effectiveness of your supply chain and adhere to regulatory compliance guidelines. We can also help you meet your sustainability goals.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Our CPGSuite™ MES provides scalable, value-based applications to help you achieve operational excellence, increase the effectiveness of your supply chain, adhere to regulatory compliance guidelines, and meet your sustainability goals.

How Does MES Apply to CPG Applications?

You are challenged to produce a more diverse mix of products and get them to a wider range of trading partners, and to do it as quickly as possible. That challenge demands you get the most out of your production, packaging, and supply-chain operations. That is why an MES is more important than ever.

Improve Your Food Safety Program

Learn five steps to achieve more consistent product quality and safety in your food and beverage operations.

Watch a Day in the Life of an Order

Use our CPGSuite solution to optimize throughput and improve asset efficiency. Leverage fixed and variable manufacturing assets, including materials, machinery efficiency, manpower, and total energy spend.

Improve Supply Chain Effectiveness

Collect production data in context, and use key performance indicators and dashboards to gain timely awareness of deviations from performance targets. You can use aggregated information to see the root causes behind operational issues.

A Window Into Extruder Operations

Learn how Andersen Windows improved quality by integrating information and control in 6 months.

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