Deyu Lights Up Efficient and Reliable Battery Production


  • Enhance equipment productivity and plant-wide efficiency



  • Increased productivity by about 25%

Shenzhen Deyu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., a high-tech manufacturer of lithium battery winding machines, is dedicated to developing and manufacturing all-in-one winding machines for cylindrical and prismatic batteries.

Deyu is focused on providing lithium battery winding machines with more precise tension control, helping customers achieve higher productivity and lower costs in battery production while enhancing the reliability and energy density of the batteries produced.

Deyu's new-generation all-in-one winding machine for cylindrical lithium batteries comes with the capability of winding cylindrical battery cells and welding battery tabs in a fully-automatic mode. Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ control systems and Kinetix® servo drives for motion control from Rockwell Automation make it possible for the new winding machine to achieve full-servo winding and unwinding with high-precision tension control.

With automation and information technology solutions from Rockwell Automation, the productivity of equipment is improved by about 25%.

Case Studies

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