Artificial Lift Systems

Gas Lift, Wellhead, Submersible and Rod Pump Control, and Safety Systems

Our OptiLift™ artificial lift systems provide end-to-end smart field solutions to oil and gas operators. We provide a comprehensive range of integrated information, control, power and safety solutions, and services. When combined with our digital oilfield solutions, you have access to the most advanced wireless communication solutions. Oilfield optimization can lead to significant savings through aggregation of data collected from wellheads, pipelines, remote tank level monitoring, and artificial lift monitoring and analysis systems.

Transform Your Operation

We have created the digital oilfield with our extensive application knowledge that includes wireless telemetry, hardware, software, and sensors. You now have the ability to integrate your solutions seamlessly. The wireless solutions provide common engineering, deployment, and integration methodologies.

This technology delivers knowledge-rich information across the enterprise. With a range of wellhead applications, we can fit your individual needs.

Gas Lift Monitoring and Optimization System

OptiLift GL

The OptiLift gas lift (GL) system is designed to automatically sense and control the wellhead variables of a GL production site. The unit adjusts the gas lift injection flow to match an operator-determined flow rate and computes the estimated gas/oil/water production in real time. Communication and results can be easily gathered for analysis using a centrally located computer. Information collected such as trending of flow data can be useful in the early detection of well problems.

To help optimize production, the OptiLift GL Artificial Lift System features ultralow power consumption and lightweight subassemblies. A built-in solar panel can drive an active production well for up to seven cloudy days. This feature makes the unit especially attractive in remote areas where electric power is not available and portability is important.

Wellhead Monitoring System

OptiLift WM

The OptiLift wellhead monitoring (WM) system, brings you real-time data and more reliable control from oil and gas wells with an iXS-8 remote terminal unit (RTU). The OptiLift WM features a high-performance battery-powered RTU, integrated with three pressure sensors and one RTD to measure all wellhead process parameters. These features are all inside a compact Nema 4X SS316 enclosure.

Combined with an iXS-8 gateway, the OptiLift WM, installed at the remote site, can be a standalone RTU or part of an integrated network. This solution helps you acquire real-time data for analysis and detect alarms. RTUs have been successfully implemented for wellhead, electric submersible pump (ESP), down-hole gauges and gas-lift valve monitoring. Additionally, they are easily customizable for various of other applications and third-party equipment.

Electric Submersible Pump System

OptiLift ESP

The OptiLift electric submersible pump (ESP) system, senses and controls your wellhead and the other operating variables of an ESP system on site. With OptiLift ESP, you have access to real-time data, both at the well site and remotely, which gives you instant visibility into your operation.

This system performs basic initial analysis to adjust the pumping conditions and keep the system working as expected. Simultaneously, the data is recorded and can be easily gathered for further analysis. Intelligent alarms are incorporated based on pump differential pressure, current consumption, estimated flow, and electric equipment condition, which provides real-time well problem alerts.

Rod Pump Controller

OptiLift RPC

The OptiLift rod pump controller (RPC) system is engineered to help maximize return on investment, achieve sustainable operations and operational excellence. This on-site controller can help to provide accurate and flexible control necessary for well production optimization.

This sophisticated control technology can also be packaged with an Allen-Bradley® variable frequency drive (VFD) to create an integrated solution that is ideal for speed control in rod pump applications.

Consulting and Integration

Our commitment is to help reduce project risk and provide solutions specific to your unique challenges. We offer industry and technology-specific expertise that is executed globally and supported locally.

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