Offshore Facilities Process Safety

Maintain Safety Compliance and Minimize Unplanned Downtime

Our offshore safety solutions protect your personnel, assets, and the environment, while they maintain maximum uptime and minimize operational disruption.

Maximize Uptime and Safety

Safety Systems for Drilling Rigs and Offshore Production

It is of upmost importance to always maintain the highest standards of safety. As an operator of offshore facilities you demand the highest level of oil and gas process safety. This level of safety includes the protection of personnel, assets and the environment, while maintaining maximum uptime and minimizing operational disruption.

Offshore operations are typically in remote and delicate environments. Therefore, they require process safety systems with the highest level of integrity and reliability.

We have a broad portfolio of offerings for oil and gas drilling rig safety systems and solutions for other offshore facilities. A user can select from a range of scalable solutions to satisfy cost, safety integrity level, performance and availability requirements that include:

  • Certified SIS and critical control solutions in a wide range of TÜV
  • Solutions combine SIL 1–2 and SIL 3 ratings with fail-safe and fault tolerance

With experienced engineers and consultants, we can help you design systems that best meet your safety requirements and necessary regulations.

Learn About Our Process Safety Solutions

Integration of Offshore and Onshore Systems

Implementation of Emergency Shutdown, and Fire and Gas Solution

The key objective of the installation was to create a user-friendly, Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS). It provides the highest availability and reliability according to IEC 61511 SIL 3 rules, while capitalizing on Edison’s maintenance service experience.

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