Brewery Automation

Brewery Production and Packaging Automation and Control Systems

Automated brewery software and solutions are designed to reduce the time you spend managing equipment and processes so you can focus on the art of crafting beer.

Keep Pace with Market Demands

Increase Capacity and Operational Efficiency Without Adding Costs

As a brewer your main focus is to produce high-quality beer to meet customer demand. There are many competing pressures to running a profitable, productive brewery. Consistent quality, improving yield, and reducing production time and costs are just a few of those pressures. To build a better brewery, you need flexible processes and better insights into your processes.

We understand the brewing industry and the challenges you face every day. Our focus on beer production optimization addresses every phase of your operation. That focus helps you address cost, quality, and flexibility to meet demand, from grain handling through waste treatment and packaging.

FactoryTalk Craft Brew

Modular Brew House Application Designed for Microbreweries and Brew Pubs

Your continued growth as a successful craft brewer demands a more scalable operation to deliver consistent quality and flavor. FactoryTalk® Craft Brew solution is ideal for entry into automation with minimal instrumentation or engineering staff required.

The intuitive and customizable interface allows you to maintain an active role to create and interact with the process. This flexible, modular solution helps improve consistent flavor, quality, increase yield, and reduce production time. The FactoryTalk Craft Brew solution is designed for brew house and cellar equipment.

FactoryTalk Brew

Modular Brewery Solution Designed for the Needs of Large Volume Brewers

As a larger brewer, you are dedicated to produce a quality product, and look for opportunities to drive out inefficiencies from your operations. FactoryTalk® Brew™ solution is a modular brewery solution, which is designed for larger breweries to connect systems, and provide actionable information. This solution provides functionality for the entire brewery process areas that includes subsystems. As a standard solution, it can be deployed across multiple sites. This connectivity allows you to:

  • Access to real-time data on the brewing processes
  • Compare performance across plants
  • Manage energy consumption at the enterprise level
  • Scale production up or down quickly

Smart Brewing Solutions Provide Insight

Full Sail Brewing Taps Manufacturing Intelligence

Craft brewer upgraded to a fully-automated, networked mash filtration system and reduced brew cycle time and enhanced product quality. The information-enabled system provides real-time information that allows Full Sail Brewing to gain greater control over their process. This system enhanced the quality of each brew. The move to a more automated brewing system reduced the cycle time by 50% and increased capacity by 25%. Full Sail also decrease water use by one million gallons annually helping to augment its sustainability goals.

Brewery Increases Capacity by 50 Percent

Implementation of Virtualized Process Automation System to Meet Demand

Sleeman Breweries, the third largest brewer in Canada, had to increase production capacity to meet the growth in consumer demand. Their other challenge was to avoid the high expense of building a new greenfield facility. With support from McRae Integration, Sleeman Breweries implemented a virtualized process automation system that is based on the PlantPAx® DCS with Meridian BrewSoft software. Within two weeks, the brewer increased production capacity by 50 percent.

Brewing Automation and Control Solutions

Solutions to Meet Demand, Maintain Quality, and Reduce Costs

We offer solutions across the brewery, from receipt of materials to production to packaging and shipping. An information-enabled control system provides plant-wide visibility into all areas of production.

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