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Automation and Control Systems for the Auto and Tire Industries

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Improve global tire production with instant KPIs

Learn how to access your global tire production status to make the adjustments you need to maximise efficiency and profitability.

Learn how digital twins streamline tire production

Watch our video to learn how Emulate3D digital twins can dramatically speed up and streamline the process of introducing new machinery to your tire production.

Automotive Powertrain Demonstration

This automotive powertrain demo shows the collaboration between Rockwell Automation and FANUC in action.

3V Automation Journeys to Digital Transformation

To position automakers for greater success, 3V Automation worked with Rockwell Automation to implement the latest digital technologies for smart machines and equipment.

How Automotive Manufacturers Can Stay Current

Current powertrain and drivetrains manufacturing systems can be unreliable. Meet consumer and market trends in real time with a flexible strategy that grows/adapts to your changing needs.

Electric Vehicle Innovation Center

Join us at our new Electric Vehicle Innovation Center to learn how you can design an accelerated production strategy and build smart, flexible operations.

Automotive and Tire Manufacturing

Operate more efficiently and get to market faster using concepts like Industry 4.0 Automotive.

Are Your Operations Ready?

Electric car manufacturers that want to stay competitive must commit to data-driven manufacturing in a highly flexible and connected environment.

Rychiger: Optimal Sealing and Packaging Quality

Rychiger's deployment of modular construction and servo-driven control caters for all packaging formats, with manual or automatic feed systems.

Manufacturing Optimization

A focus on workforce, process, equipment, and safety and improve productivity.

Automotive Industry Perspectives

Understand the trends to add flexibility, consistency, and safety into your production system.

Powertrain - Partnering for Success

Rockwell Automation's partnership with FANUC America brings together two automation leaders in the automotive industry.

Guangzhou Automobile Group Implements MES

GAC Group implements Rockwell Software FactoryTalk ProductionCentre MES system for plant-wide production management and manufacturing process quality control.